Sophomore year serves as a big transition from freshman year. Harder classes, higher expectations, everything gets bumped up a notch here. Suddenly, you must stay on top of things, or you are slacking behind. To the class of 2023, I suggest you take a look at this article before you consider taking on that extra sport, activity, or challenging class. Here are some tips from a former sophomore:

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Talk to your teachers immediately if you are having trouble.

Every student hears this statement and ignores it, regardless of what classes he is taking, but you should follow this advice. First, teachers are not scary people but are regular people like us. Teachers like students talking to them and taking the initiative for themselves in class, and they will work with you to help you do better. Talking to your teachers will help you from becoming overwhelmed or anxious when you have a busy schedule. Everyone slips up, and during sophomore year, I have made C’s on exams before. It may not sound like much, but everybody has bad days. Teachers can be your biggest advocates, but selfishly thinking that you can survive a class without their help probably will lead to a huge downfall. Meet your teachers and discuss what is going wrong and work with them to find the best solution. Just as Jesuit wants us to form relationships with our brothers, students should try to form relationships with their teachers.

Image result for jesuit dallas 2023Find an activity you enjoy, whether it’s athletics, leadership, or art

Jesuit has hundreds of activities to immerse yourself in. Whether it’s the Anime Club or the Competitive Shooting Team, challenge yourself to find something you enjoy. Find something to which you are willing to dedicate your free time because then you know if you actually like the activity. Venture out and see what you like to do. Also, don’t fill up activities and “half-ast”ing them for college resume building, and don’t focus solely on college. Do what you love. Love what you do. Don’t drive yourself crazy, but try to find something to do outside of school if you haven’t already.

Branch out and start making new friends. Form relationships.

Friends can be found everywhere. You’ll see more of your classmates and ask yourself, “Who are you?” There are roughly 300 kids in your grade, so there must be someone you share common interests with. Talk about classes because sophomore classes are pretty demanding. Talk about anything, and present yourself. Your brothers are going to be your best allies this year because you will need them for help. Go talk to your classmates.

Find balance and take care of your mental health. Eat. Sleep.

Most importantly, being in good health physically and mentally will allow you to succeed. Sleep, which most teenagers say they do not get enough of, is necessary for working efficiently, and you should find nights to catch up on your sleep. Eat healthy, and find good options for food. Careful on that fourth churro or third hamburger. Fill your belly with adequate food so you can concentrate through the rest of the day. Stay hydrated throughout the day as well. If you cannot function mentally and physically, then it’s going to be a difficult year. Keep yourself happy in high school. No matter what college you plan on attending, this is still just high school.  

Take these tips, and aim high this year. If you have any other concerns, just talk to your counselors. This year is a grind, yes, but keeping these things in the back of your mind will help you immensely.

Stay tuned to The Roundup for more on surviving Jesuit for four years!