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Week 9 of the NFL season saw one undefeated team fall to another, equally good, team hailing from Baltimore, and now there remains only one undefeated team in the league. However, they didn’t manage to sustain their record without the Halloween scare that was Thursday Night Football. Just read the rest of the article to find out what happened.

49ers Squeak By Cardinals on the Eve of Halloween

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On the eve of Halloween, when the ghosts and spirits roam free- okay, enough with the poetry, I can’t rhyme anyway. Let’s just get into the game.

The San Francisco 49ers impressed me with their mauling of the Carolina Panthers the week before, but they did not do as well this week, and even disappointed me a little bit. Jimmy Garoppolo played extremely well and I did not expect him to go off the way he did, but the stout San Fran defense, you could say, disappointed me a little bit. For a good chunk of the night, they seemed largely unable to stop Kyler Murray and the Arizona offense, as Murray threw for over 200 yards and two scores through the air. But, a win is a win, as they say, and the Niners remain undefeated.


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I thought I might never see this day come.

Remember when we said that the Jets could contend for a Wild Card spot in 2019? Yeah, about that…

The Jets lost to the Miami Freakin’ Dolphins on Sunday by a score of 26-18, and there were chants in the crowd of “FIRE GASE! FIRE GASE!” after the loss. I’m not surprised with these new ideas in the form of song. Coach Adam Gase has been absolutely horrid as an HC so far for the Jets, and what’s worse for New York? Gase and his googly-eyes came into the New York job with a reputation of a “quarterback whisperer”, someone who could teach a QB to play better, much like what Sean McVay did with Rams QB Jared Goff a couple of seasons back. Instead of field general Sam Darnold getting better, he’s gotten worse, and it’s time for the Jets to pull the plug and fire Gase.

Chiefs-Vikings Had Everyone Getting their Popcorn Ready

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Even though I personally didn’t get to watch the Chiefs-Vikings game in Kansas City on live TV, I still know that it was a fun one to watch. From Tyreek Hill running down Damien Williams on Williams’ long touchdown run to Harrison Butker’s game-winning field goal to give the Chiefs the win, this game was amazing in every way, shape, and form. I mean, I guess Tyreek Hill had to prove that he was the fastest guy on the team and in the NFL, because during his post-game interview,  he said that Damien Williams had claimed to be the fastest on the team in the locker room, and so he had to put him in his place. Regardless of who’s faster than who, though, this game was incredibly exciting to witness, and to those who lived in Kansas City or Minneapolis?

I’m kinda jealous now, guys.

Lamar Jackson Makes His Case for MVP

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Action Jackson has activated takeover mode.

Well, at the very least, it did against the league’s top defensive unit in the New England Patriots. Jackson demonstrated his elite combination of throwing power and neck-breaking speed, as he threw for over 150 yards and one score. He also ran for two more TDs on the ground. I feel like every week, Jackson does something or another that does nothing but elevate his status for MVP. Even though he does have to compete with the likes of Christian McCaffrey, Deshaun Watson, Russell Wilson, and Patrick Mahomes, Action Jackson simply bolsters his claim for the prestigious award by taking over games with his lethal combination of delivering and running with the ball. Most of the time, as demonstrated Sunday night, he leads his team to end up on top.

Cowboys Are Making Me Skeptical

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Yes, they won the game.

But Dak Prescott and the defense did not necessarily play their best this game. Prescott made several bad throws, and even though the defense did make Daniel Jones turn over the ball multiple times, Jones wasn’t necessarily the most non-turnover-prone guy in the league. I think that if this team wants to play deep into the postseason, they need to play better than Monday night because remember: The Giants had the lead before the black cat ran onto the field in the first half. They did actually keep things close and hung around with Dallas before the fourth quarter, before everything fell apart for them. I think if Saquon Barkley had yet another huge game and tore up the Cowboys’ front seven, I think the Cowboys would be 4-4 and the Eagles would be leading the NFC East.

That’s all I’ve got for Week 9, but stay tuned to The Roundup for the next article in the NFL takeaways series!