“‘Ohana means family, and family means no one gets left behind or forgotten.” -Stitch, 2002

This quote from one of Disney’s most famous movies, Lilo and Stitch, can now be heard and embraced directly on Disney+ without disc purchase or rental. Disney+ is emerging as one of the newest streaming options for bingers like you and I to enjoy. This streaming platform seems to be receiving positive reviews so far, and American teenagers across the country want to pay monthly to watch all the shows. The real question is: Can it become mighty? Can it become a service that the majority of Americans watch for content? In this article, I will illuminate the pros and cons of Disney+, providing my own conclusion for whether or not Disney+ can become the most successful streaming service.

Advantages of Disney +

Disney+ has a lot of interesting content for viewers to watch, especially if you love watching the original Disney movies. Disney+ allows for everyone, especially children, to experience the child-like wonder of Disney animation that has enhanced entertainment for the past decade.

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Additionally, Disney+ is relatively cheap compared to Netflix. It costs $6.99 per month alone, and by adding ESPN and Hulu to your bundle, the price only goes up to $12.99, which is a pretty good deal considering the services you get in return. Comparatively, Netflix, with its $10.99 per month deal for just Netflix shows, may not seem as encompassing as the bundle that Disney+ holds.

Disadvantages to Disney+

The app itself has some bugs and glitches, which is causing people to complain. It seems that the movies freeze up and the service takes you out of the app. The app crashes, and there isn’t an easy option for viewers to start a show from the beginning. There’s no way to manually adjust the streaming quality and the watch list idea seems rather uninspired. While the home screen of the app works pretty well, there are still some underlying and unsolved issues.

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Moreover, despite its plethora of options, there are some shows, like other services, that are just not worth one’s time like “Pixar in Real Life” and “Forky Asks A Question”. There are some shows that are not interesting, but one should take a look at each show before giving their opinion. Take this part with a grain of salt.

Student Opinions

“Disney+ is good. I don’t watch much on it. I haven’t opened the app in two months. I don’t know if it will take over Netflix in the next years.” – Alex Santoni ’21

“It’s good. I’m waiting for all the Marvel shows to come in and it has a lot of good originals like The Mandalorian.” -Diego Elizondo ’21

“Disney+ seems like another step to monopolizing the entertainment industry and kills its competitors. Especially since the streaming service directly competes with Netflix.” -Carter Williams ’21

My Conclusion

I highly doubt that Disney+ can procure enough viewers to currently surpass the popularity of Netflix, especially as Netflix continues to produce new seasons of highly-praised, more mature content like “You”, “Atypical”, and “Big Mouth” content. Moreover, Disney+ doesn’t have as grand a social media presence to remind viewers to watch their shows, whereas Netflix seems to be everywhere from Twitter to even YouTube. Disney+ is still definitely worth your money. I believe that it will serve as a valuable side service to Netflix, but it will certainly take years for Disney+ to form a comparable platform to that of Netflix.

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