Can’t decide which series to watch next? Before spending precious time searching for your next show to binge on, take a look at these great Netflix series. For the purpose of this article, I am leaving TV greats like The Office, Bones, Breaking Bad, etc. off the list

The Flash
This superhero show tells the story of The Flash. If you’re a fan of time travel, parallel universes, and the crazy side of science, this TV adaptation is a great show to watch rivaling superhero giants like Arrow. The Flash is a must watch.

Baby Daddy

When a baby is dropped at his doorstep, an aloof bartender must turn around his irresponsible ways and raise the child with the help of a childhood friend, his dumb brother who plays for the NY Rangers, and a loud roommate who packs tons of character in his small frame. Watch them navigate the problems a child throws at them in this sitcom similar to Full House.

The Finder
This crime/comedy is a loose spin off of Bones, telling the story of a man named Walter who, after having severe brain damage, obtains the ability to draw connections others don’t see. He uses his power to stop criminals and find kidnapped people as he works with the FBI and private clients on high profile cases.

This show is about a genius mathematician who works with the FBI and uses crazy mathematics to find things like the predicted destination of criminals based on path they have taken so far. His comedic inability to socialize combined with his crazy intelligence and methods leads to a great show that will captivate you.

Master of None
Fans of Louie will love Master of None. Watch as the show follows the life of a young actor played by Parks and Rec actor and comedian Aziz Ansari, trekking through the problems presented from being a small Indian aspiring actor. He deals with love, loss, and friends while being hilarious and drawing you in. You are sure to go through the Netflix original’s one season in a day or two as it is captivating. The story resembles that of young Ansari as he works his way to being an actor.

Lie to Me
Watch as cold hearted Dr. Lightman uses his ability to effectively read someone’s mind by means of small subconscious movements called micro expressions to solve crime and search for the truth. For those interested in science and psychology, this is a great show as it is not only dramatic and comedic, but also shows you the thought process of his analysis. The greatest part about this seemingly supernatural talent he displays is that it can be learned by anyone with enough practice.


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