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Your tired eyes stare at the clock after a long night of studying. It’s 11:30 P.M on a late Saturday night. Bored out of your mind, you decide to go to Netflix, scrolling through a plethora of shows. You realize that you can’t watch The Office or Parks and Rec for the tenth time, so you look to find something new, yet your mind is teeming with indecision. Thrilling adventure? Hilarious comedy? What exactly should I watch?

Well, I am here to provide some solutions to your predicament. Here are three good options for binging both your night and your sleep away.

Warning: Spoilers ahead!


Atypical is the story of a high-functioning autistic kid who has many quirks such as a deep admiration for penguins or his turtle Edison. He is in search of romance in his final years of high school. Highly intelligent and artistically talented, primary protagonist Sam often struggles to fit in, but soon finds a friend and lover, Paige. As he struggles with social interactions, he sees his therapist and biggest crush Julia. His big sister Casey, an elite cross-country runner for her high school, struggles to get along with him at home and at school and ultimately finds a man of her own, Evan. As the show progresses, the drama intensifies with the emergence of crushes, breakups, and even cheating.

Who breaks up with who? Where does he go to college? Will he ever be “normal?” You’ll have to see. Personally, this is my favorite of the bunch and I hope that they promptly produce another season. If you’re looking for everything in a show, I think this could be a good option.

The End of the F***** World

The End of the F******  World is told from 17-year-old high school serial killer James’s perspective, who begins to have a psychotic desire to go beyond his mere animal slaughter, wanting to kill someone from his school. He ultimately chooses Alyssa after unintentionally running into her at lunch, and pretends to fall in love with her. James invites her to his house for a date and elaborately sets up to kill her, but suddenly chooses not to do so and takes the knife with him. After they rebelliously run away from their parents, they soon run into trouble, which spirals out of control to the point of murder and being on the lamb. Will they survive? Will James kill Alyssa? You’ll have to watch to find out. A new season comes out on November 5, so more of the show should be available very soon.


You tells the ominous story of seemingly harmless, yet secretively psychotic man named Joe Goldberg, who works at a library and has a fond admiration for literature. One day, he encounters the beautiful aspiring writer Beck, who is currently writing at Brown University, and Joe’s infatuation goes beyond normal human standards, ultimately stalking her and changing her life one step at a time. Then, after an awful performance at a poetry slam, drunk Beck winds up on the trains, almost falling onto the tracks before Joe heroically saves her.

It presents the theme of justice from a interestingly skewed perspective, as the end, obtaining the prized jewel Beck, justifies the means. What are the means you might ask? Murder. Stalking. Kidnapping. Does he get the girl? Do his crimes get found?

What’s interesting is that there is another storyline within the story. His young neighbor Paco finds himself in the middle of the abusive relationship between Claudia and Ron, he finds Joe as an escape from his harsh reality to learn more about reading and to have a conversation with someone. As Ron dislikes on his avid, genuine interest in his son, things start to get heated between the two. What happens? Don’t ask me. Watch for yourself.

The two parallel story lines, I must say, are intriguing and action-packed. This is surely a must-watch.

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