In an attempt to further the Podcasts variety and knockout some Star Wars news at the same time. The Jesuit Podcast recruits the help of 3 Jedi masters of Theology and a High Councilor in order to bring balance to the force. This unlikely crew attempts to answer questions regarding Star War’s social impact and its impact on their own lives. Delving deep into the lore on the commemorative date of May the fourth, this unique team also leaves their two cents in regards to Disney’s acquisition of Star Wars and the future of the franchise. This includes spoilers for the past movies so you have been warned. In addition to story and plot elements for the future films.


[vimeo 126996584 w=633 h=356]


Specific Podcasts such as this one revolving around Star Wars, are just another form of discussion and deliberation that The Round Up is attempting to expand on. Next year I myself are planning on being incredibly open to any topic discussions from anybody in the community. This in other words is a pilot or attempt to discuss something with students, faculty, alumni, etc in an open and broad environment. Therefore I will be taking suggestions for ideas and groups of people to discuss said ideas. So if anybody has time after school along with a group of people and most importantly a topic to discuss it would be my pleasure to record and produce said podcast (Contact my Jesuit ID @



This astounding cast on this podcast includes:

Grand Admiral Jonathan Segal – Guest

Captain Wedge Matt DuRoss – Guest

Admiral Jude Harrington – Guest

David “Solo” Williams – Guest

Hunter “Krayt” Gilbert – Host

And Kenneth “The Hutt” Crowe on Sound



Hunter Gilbert '16
Hunter attended GSES before attending Jesuit. He is an avid reader of IGN, Destructoid and Polygon. If it is a decent game he has probably played it several times. You may hear him on the Roundup Podcast or you might have seen him rant about games on twitter. All things aside Hunter KNOWS games. With a passion towards Journalism, Hunter intends to go to the world renown Journalism School at the University of Missouri (Mizzou). You can find all of the articles about games that Dr. Degen didn't want you to see at