Sickening Joy Album Review


Released August 30, 2014

Genre: Post-Rock, Black Metal (occasionally), Post-Metal, Space Rock

Flares is a brand-spanking new post-rock group, fresh out of North Texas. Post-rock can be a derivative genre, but Flares put in the extra effort to make something that transcends the usual style. With a minimal amount of fluff (superfluous effects, random instrumentation, etc.), Flares have taken us on a beautifully spacious journey.

Kicking off the album is “Lucid,” a song that starts with a repeating pattern, the typical reverb-laden riff that one may find in a post-rock tune. However, the latter half of the track is where the band shines. As the track progresses,the group adds extra instrumentation and effects at the right time. They demonstrate a knack for creating vast soundscapes with just three members. I felt totally transported to another dimension with this track, as well as other tracks. The space-rock flavors (very reminiscent of Hum) elevate the next track, “Purge,” a majestic mammoth, clocking in at over 8 minutes. The riff that intersects this track is undeniably catchy, just like many of the riffs on this project. “Reconcile” has a well-executed black metal approach reminiscent of many blackened shoegaze bands.

Only complaints: “Mute” and “Communion” could’ve used more change-ups compositionally speaking. Good job, fellas. Here’s their site.


FAV TRACKS: Lucid, Purge, Reconcile

LEAST FAV TRACKS: Mute, Communion

Score: (7.7/10)

Michael White '15
Michael left Parish Episcopal School after 8th grade to continue pursuing academic excellence at Jesuit. He loves to write; writing is his choice form of artistic expression, because there is nothing like reading meaningful words on paper. He also loves listening to all kinds of music (except country) and loves to share his passion with others, hence his participation in the Roundup. He likes lacrosse, reading, playing drums and serving the community. He also runs a music blog with fellow Juniors Jon Birondo, Drew Curran and Chris Ayres called Pretty Neat Grooves. You can find them at www.prettyneatgrooves.weebly.com