Some don’t believe me when I tell them that I have had the pleasure of enjoying a meal of chicken and waffles, topped with a fried egg, and experiencing the fluffy flavor punch that came with a stuffed French crepe along with tasting the intoxicating bliss that Korean Brisket fries offers the strong punch of traditional German sausage, all within an hour. But, it is true.

“But Matthew!” they would exclaim, “You can’t have been to that many restaurants in one hour! It’s impossible.”

Usually, yes; however, I did not have to look further than Northwest Plano’s newest masterpiece, Legacy West. The pristine complex includes housing, retail, and parking for the developing area off the tollway. But, you did not come here for that. You came to talk about food, so let’s discuss my favorite building in this novel development, Legacy Hall.

On a Saturday for lunch, I decided to go and visit this renown wonderland for myself a couple of weeks ago. I was quite skeptical, not believing the idyllic stories I had heard and knowing that this place had a price range a little higher than my usual goal (who can blame them. They must have an astounding rent to pay in this competitive arena). But, little did I know how much I would want to go back.

Legacy Hall, in my opinion, is the cornerstone of this complex. The three-story building serves as the regions hot-spot food court, filled with a vast array of restaurants producing anything from donuts to ramen.

Disclaimer: I honestly have no idea what it is about this place, but Legacy Hall tends to cause visitors to spend a lot of money. I always go with the intention to buy just one meal but end up having several different orders from multiple restaurants. It makes no sense. I am usually very frugal, saving most of my money for trying new places, but the food-court has some weird money-spending atmosphere to it. 

First, I started my adventure with Press Waffle Co.’s American classic of chicken and waffles, with a personal touch of a fried egg and bacon. I must say that I was immediately blown out of the water.

Usually, in a chicken and waffles dish, there is either a really good waffle or some really good chicken, but Press Waffle Co. recognized both components’ unique taste and used them to compliment one another. The syrup and waffle’s sweetness contrasts the delectable saltiness of the fried chicken, creating a duo of flavor that neither dominate or submit to one another, but dance harmoniously to an elegant waltz around the taste buds.

Next, I delved into the unknown territory of Korean BBQ with Enter The Bao. Now, I am going to be honest. I kinda bought this off of an impulse to try something I had never had before. Now, it makes me mad that I did not know about it sooner.

From Enter The Bao, I got a little dish with some delicious-looking meat, lying in a soft bed of a type of white bread (I believe), accompanied with some thin green leaves. Overall, I truly had no idea what I was eating, but it sure tasted great. I will definitely have to back and investigate the dish further.

Then, I got to enjoy some Korean Brisket Fries. Show stopper. There is nothing more. This meal truly made me stop and force myself to slow down to enjoy it more, so much so that I may or may not have bought a second order. The fries tasted fresh and popped with flavor, while the BBQ itself packed so much vibrant taste that I wanted an order of just the meat.

Finally, I ended the event off with a donut because after all that traveling to foreign flavors I wanted something that reminded me of home. Boy, I did not receive anything traditional.  I literally went up and asked for a “good donut,” expecting a reliable glazed treat. But no.

This guy hands me a purple-glaze covered circle with some cream in the middle, topped with a blueberry. I was utterly confused. This is not the classic, American, home-style sweet treat that I have enjoyed for all seventeen years of my life. But mama didn’t raise no quitter. So, I took a big bite out of the unknown, pleading that it would taste good. I was met with a orchestra of bountiful sweetness, accented with the taste of blueberry from the glaze. I was astonished. The unknown not only tasted amazing but I also wanted more of it. (I may or may not have returned the next week for another donut).

Overall, my experience at Legacy Hall was nothing if not glorious. The variety of tastes and combinations presented makes someone like myself giddy every time I walk through the door and always end up trying something new and never something bad.



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