The Roundup Podcast invites Dom Iannelli to speak for the first and last time on the Podcast. Enrique also says goodbye to everyone as he is the first founding member of the podcast to graduate and leave. At the same time however, Alex is made the official replacement for Enrique this episode. One last thing: we have changing pictures regarding the background for the podcast thumbnails.


The Roundup Podcast #6 (News) – We Can’t Count
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The Roundup Podcast #6 (Movie News)
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The Roundup Podcast #6 (Music News)

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The Roundup Podcast #6 (Game News)

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The Roundup Podcast #6 (Discussion)

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Hunter Gilbert '16
Hunter attended GSES before attending Jesuit. He is an avid reader of IGN, Destructoid and Polygon. If it is a decent game he has probably played it several times. You may hear him on the Roundup Podcast or you might have seen him rant about games on twitter. All things aside Hunter KNOWS games. With a passion towards Journalism, Hunter intends to go to the world renown Journalism School at the University of Missouri (Mizzou). You can find all of the articles about games that Dr. Degen didn't want you to see at

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