Quarantine is starting to feel eternal. As the virus approaches its peak, my friends and I have begun to play videogames as a pastime. Video games are a way to connect without actually being around others. We play games such as the new Call of Duty, Fortnite, Rainbow Six Siege. We usually start playing around dinner time and don’t go to bed until early morning. Since everything outside is closed or at risk of containing the virus, video games have become a great substitute for all outdoor activities. Here are some of the games we play:


I honestly don’t think that there is one person at Jesuit who has not played a game of Fortnite and as we all know it peaked about a year ago, but it has made a strong return as quarantine gets longer and longer. When I asked my friends why they started playing again, Gage Roy ‘22 commented “Because there is nothing to do anymore besides Fornite.’” I also asked “why Fortnite?”, Cade Jordan ‘22 commented, “we are good at this game and it is much more fun than starting over with a new game.”

Rainbow Six Siege 

Some students play another game called Rainbow Six Siege, which involves two teams where the player can pick a certain “operator” and play as them. Then they can choose what they are doing whether it be defusing a bomb or rescuing a hostage, etc. The last choice is what team they want to be on, the attacking team or the defending team. They play against other sophomores from Jesuit all night even after I get off. 

Call of Duty

Although my friends play a lot of Rainbow, Fornite’s biggest competitor is Call of Duty. Besides also being free to play, Call of Duty came out at a perfect time where all people are doing is playing videogames all day and night making for a very successful launch for the videogame. It also features a new game mode called “warzone” which is a battle royale game like Fortnite where one hundred players can play player versus player or two versus two and as four versus four. This is mainly what my friends that like the new Call of Duty play. Though, James Paredes ‘22 claims, “warzone gets boring very quickly,’” and then he started playing Fortnite so some like prefer the old versus the new.


Overall, I would say Fortnite is still the most popular video game to play among right now while in quarantine as so many people already know how to play it.

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