Thursday, August 6, 2020

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Connor Thomas looks at why high school soccer players like Garrett Scott '18 who play at the highest level, the U.S. Soccer Development Academy, can't play for their high school. Listen and subscribe on iTunes, or visit us on the web at
Josh Betanzos and Connor Thomas discuss what listeners can expect in the upcoming season of "The Roundup Podcast." Listen and subscribe on iTunes, or visit us on the web at
The Roundup Podcast Ep. 4 - Stuco on Hoco On this episode: We go behind the scenes of homecoming and Ranger Day with Student Council President Lindsay Brown '18 and Vice President Reid Hatzmann '18. They speak about planning the homecoming dance and how it went (and about cleaning up trash...for a very long time). They also talk about Ranger Day...
The Roundup Podcast Ep. 3 - Did Somebody Say Football? On this episode: The Roundup Podcast reports on the varsity football team's 35-31 win over Skyline on Thursday. Connor interviews senior Phillip Villalba and freshmen Alex Gibson and Joshua Ramos. 0:44 - Football Captain Phillip Villalba '18 6:33 - Band Members Alex Gibson '21 and Joshua Ramos '21 12:44 - Shenanigans Listen and subscribe...
The Roundup Podcast Ep. 2 - Clubs and Club Sandwiches On this episode: I interview seniors Reid Allison and Sean Tehan of Jesuit’s Political Society, and then resident Roundup foodies Will Fynes and Jacob Totah are here to talk about their favorite restaurants and upcoming video series. 0:25 Political Society Interview 11:25 Will and Jacob on Food 27:26 Shenanigans Listen on iTunes or online...
The Roundup Podcast Ep. 1 - Before September 28th On this episode: last week's news, Evan Oscherwitz and Josh Betanzos talk football, and an interview with Mr. Shoemaker about College Night. Recorded on or before September 28th. Subscribe to our podcast on iTunes or visit us online at
The Roundup Podcast Ep. 0 - Teaser Beginning next week, The Roundup will release the first of hopefully many episodes of The Roundup Podcast! The podcast will cover Jesuit news, sports, and more! Tune in on iTunes or in your browser below. If you listen on iTunes, make sure to subscribe to never miss an episode! Below is a teaser, but next week we will...

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