Droplets of perspiration fall through the air. The drops merge into the ground with a resounding plop.

This scene signals that the Jesuit Volleyball season is right around the corner. With the team practices lasting from 4:00 to 5:00 on Tuesday and Thursday and weight lifting from 7:00 to 8:00 on the remaining two days, the Jesuit Volleyball team has been putting in an exceptional amount of time and effort to get better at their craft. Although impressive, the team’s dedication is only the beginning of their remarkable strides towards greatness.

One of the team’s successes in the pre-season includes the amount of students who have signed up for the volleyball team this year. In prior years, there have not been enough people to fill the 8-man roster required for volleyball team to form a junior varsity or varsity team. However, with the emergence of new transfers and revitalized interests, the team will now have enough players to form a junior varsity team. With around 15 players, they will be now able to participate in the various tournaments in the Dallas Metroplex area.

The team has been able to develop great chemistry in large part due to exceptional head coach Gilberto Quinones. Cameron Pham ’20 remarked that “coach plays games with us and likes to help us, and everyone on the team [which] …is really encouraging. Having a coach who practices with the students helps the team further understand their weaknesses and strengths as the coach can analyze Jesuit’s play style from the perspective of other teams.”

Coach Quinones has even gone as far as to institute a daily motto. He tells his players every practice to “improve at least one percent every week” and to “work hard to get better.” Coach Quinones hopes to inspire players to give their best effort every practice.

Raul Lahud ’19, a junior varsity player, said he feels motivated to work hard because “the team is really nice and the coach is really funny and I feel like working harder.” Thus exemplifying that coach Quinones has achieved success as his players are motivated to work harder and enjoy the process of getting better.

Through numerous skilled players, great team building, and excellent motivation, the Jesuit Volleyball team is poised for success this coming season. Though they have made exceptional improvements on the court, the successes go father then just the game. Cameron Pham explains how volleyball makes him feel more connected to the Jesuit Dallas community, for within volleyball “there are people from all grade levels playing, making it a great experience for meeting people outside your grade.” In addition, Raul Lahud stated, “it makes me feel like I’m part of a…community not just a school.” The team has helped foster the unique environment of brotherhood which can only be found here at Jesuit Dallas.

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