Powerlifting is a strength sport that consists of three attempts at maximal weight on three lifts: squat, bench press, and deadlift. It is not a sport that consists of several moving parts moving at a fast pace, but rather a sport of technique and discipline. Since the sport isn’t the most exciting to watch, the athletes that compete in the sport don’t always get the recognition they deserve. The athletes that are on the Jesuit Powerlifting team are some of the best in the school, and they’ve proven it with their success in their first two competitions.
The first competition was the Oakridge Iron Championship, where Jesuit took home sixth place and four top five finishers. Ryan Brooks ’16 received first place in the 242 lb weight class, squatting a remarkable 515 lb, benching 325 lb, dead lifting 500 lb, making his total score 1340 lb. Nico Rodriguez ’15 received second place in the 220 lb weight class with a total score of 1385 lb, squatting 500 lb, benching 345 lb, and dead lifting an astounding 540 lb.
Ryan Brooks ’16 told me, “I thought it really gave us momentum being able to dominate across the board at the Oakridge meet, especially Nico Rodiguez. He has taught me many things about the sport, and he looks like he’s 45. I feel like powerlifting is a rising sport at Jesuit, and I’m very optimistic about the rest of the season.”

The success didn’t end with Nico and Ryan at the Oakridge meet.  Elliot Stone ’15 received third place in the 123 lb weight class with a total score 775 lb, and Joseph Stautner received fifth place in the 198 lb weight class with a total score of 1045 lb. Both Fletcher Kerr ’15 and Matthew Hever ’15 came in sixth place, Fletcher in the 148 lb weight class and Matt in the 220 lb weight class. Christian Nelson ’16 received seventh place in the 220 lb weight class, and Elliot Hartman ’16 received tenth place in the 220 lb weight class.

The next competition was the Jesuit invitational, and Jesuit performed very well coming in first place due to eight top five finishers, six of which received first place. Omar Dibba ’17 received first place in the 132 lb weight class with a total score of 500 lb, squatting 165 lb, benching 135 lb, and dead lifting 200 lb. Fletcher Kerr 15′ received first place in the 148 lb weight class with a score of 915 lb, squatting 345 lb, benching 210 lb, and dead lifting 360 lb.

Ryan Brooks ’16 continued his domination coming in first again in the 242 lb weight class with a total score 1395 lb. Brooks squatted 570 lb, benched 325 lb, and dead lifted 500 lb. Vance Holub ’17 placed first in the SHW (Super Heavy Weight) class, squatting 355 lb, benching 190 lb, and dead lifting 365 lb.

Nico Rodriguez ’17 and Matthew Hever ’17 dominated the 220 lb weight class, Nico placing first and Matt fourth. Nico finished with a total score of 1425 lb, and Matt with a score of 1130 lb. Christian Nelson ’16 and Joseph Stautner ’16 placed first and second in the 198 lb weight class. Christian with a score of 1125 lb and Joseph with a score of 1105 lb.

Nico Rodriguez had this to say about the Jesuit invitational, “The meet went great, everyone performed to the best of their ability, and we all became better and learned from it. The powerlifting team would also like to thank all the coaches, spotters, and other volunteers who made the meet possible.  In addition, we would like to thank the spectators for their support. We couldn’t have done anything without Jesuit’s support. Thank you all.”

Coach Rick Leal,”wants the team to keep moving forward and getting stronger,” as they head towards regionals. With talent in several weight classes across the board, it will be exciting to see what the Jesuit Powerlifting team will do this season!