The tickets for these events are all gone. Well, there never were any in the first place if we’re being completely honest. But hey, that can’t stop anyone from calling it sold out.

What else could I be rambling on about but the next big thing to come out of the Jesuit Athletics program? This new showcase of high octane, captivating athletic ability is of course, Intramural Sports.

First, a recap: The year for Intramurals began with the volleyball season, which started Tuesday, September 23rd, with the championship falling on Tuesday, October 23rd, exceeding the admittedly small (read: nonexistent) fan base’s expectations. The obvious favorite when sizing up champion hopefuls was the dynamic squad No Vacancy.

Named for the inspiring band portrayed in the classic example of American cinematic greatness, School of Rock, this team expected an undefeated championship season. With a stacked front line composed of no one shorter than 6’ 2”, and a powerful secondary, the squad spent the entire regular season wiping the floor with any and every potential challenger.

(Side Note: We here at The Roundup take journalistic integrity very seriously, so I do have the obligation of revealing any personal biases. However, I believe that my partiality to “No Vacancy” isn’t at all related to any “membership” on the aforementioned “team.” This article intends on providing purely objective analysis, and any description of “No Vacancy” as the obviously superior team is based solely in neutral, fair-minded examination of the league’s contenders.)

Was there a trophy? No. But who cares? What matters right now is the spirited competition, and the obvious winners of said competition. No Vacancy finished the regular season with a perfect record, not losing a single game in any series.

Jack Whelan ‘16, player as well as the team’s owner, when asked why he originally started the team, said, “After some experience playing volleyball recreationally over the summer with some of the future No Vacancy team members, I figured that we could have a good shot at winning the championship.”

Leading up to the championship, he was questioned about his thoughts on the league so far. Whelan stated, “With all due respect to the rest of the league, we have no real competition, and have dominated on the court day in and day out.”  The captain also addressed playoff expectations: “My expectations for the playoffs are that we will continue to defeat our opponents one by one until the trophy is ours. I see no end to our path of destruction.”

After the objections from other teams which are unnecessary to hear, the obvious question is, “Who Won?” And the answer remains equally obvious, with No Vacancy coming off of a first-seed bye into a championship win.

With the volleyball season completed, Intramural soccer has begun, with some old and new faces in the mix. Core players from the championship volleyball team formed the aptly named Dynasty, led by Bennett Smith ’16. Other teams include: Team Umizumi, Dirty Jacob FC, the Ball Boys, and Ivory Toast.

After a blowout win to start the season and a tough loss in the second game after a light malfunction (they were really just turned off because they were on a timer) ended it early, Smith said of his season expectations, “I feel confident about the season. ‘It’s not about how you start. It’s about how you finish.’ I know we got off to a rough start with the loss, but I know that we have the quality to win out the remainder of our games, and my expectations are nothing less than the championship.”

Soccer games are on Monday nights, and for more information on Intramural sports, contact Coach Alexander.