What Exactly are Intramurals at Jesuit?

You have probably heard of intramurals throughout your time at Jesuit thus far, but you have never really took the time to see what it has to offer. Intramurals is a variety of different sports played solely for the fun of it. There is no long term commitment, and you can play with your friends too! Sports such as volleyball, basketball, soccer, dodgeball, and ping-pong are all apart of intramurals.

Upcoming Events

February: 5 on 5 Basketball/Dodgeball tournament
March: 3 on 3 March Madness Tournament
April: Outdoor Volleyball Tournament/5 on 5 Basketball

Just Do It!

I highly encourage you to participate in intramurals because it releases any stresses you have going on in school, and it gives you time to relax and enjoy yourself with your Jesuit Brothers. Whether you are the best athlete in the world or you have never played a sport in your life there is always room in intramurals for anyone who is interested. Participating in Intramurals, you are able to meet new people as well and can form relationships that could last a lifetime. Intramurals is also great if you do not want to take a sport very seriously and competitively. In addition, it can bring back memories of your glory days in middle school sports too. I can not say this enough but do not be afraid to get involved in this fun, exciting, and memorable opportunity.

Student Feedback

Diego Celorio ‘20: (Volleyball) “First of all it’s a good time to be with your friends and to be able to mess around and meet other people you might not have known. We got to play with some seniors that I hadn’t met before and playing against them was a lot of fun, and they were nice.”

Wilson Rasco ‘20: (Volleyball) “I played intramural volleyball and it was fun because I hadn’t played since the 8th grade, but it gave me the opportunity to play a sport that I enjoyed without the pressure and intensity that came with it. It was a great opportunity for some fun and friendly competition.”