Credit: Mark Landry

On the crisp, cool morning of November 9th, the Central Region’s two best crews faced off on the crystal clear waters of White Rock Lake.

Texas Rowing Center, a team from Austin, Texas, traveled by bus to Dallas to try their luck with the notorious Jesuit Crew. Following impressive performances at Head of the Charles by both teams, 10th and 21st respectively, the match up was highly anticipated.

Head Racing

In rowing, the fall season typically consists of head races, which are middle-distance races against the clock. The Jesuit Invitational was no different, beginning with a series of 4,000 meter head races. In the first event, Jesuit’s 1V and 2V took first and second place, defeating TRC’s top boats. Ben Grass ’20 commented on his boat’s performance. “The race felt really good. Maxwell’s steering helped us cut down meters and distance ourselves from the other boats.”

The Rangers found similar success in the second flight, their 3V and 4V placing first and third, respectively. In recent regattas, the immense depth of Jesuit has been on full display, with many boats achieving fast times. To close out head racing, Jesuit’s freshman 8+ narrowly defeated the novices of Texas Rowing Center, continuing the trend of freshman regional dominance.

Credit: Mark Landry

Duel Racing

To mark the end of fall racing and the beginning of winter training, crews also competed in a sprint style 1,500 meter duel race. Despite minimal training for short distance races, which are conventionally held during the spring, Jesuit remained on top. In the 1V event, Jesuit’s V8 stifled TRC’s attempt to get ahead early, ultimately beating them by over seven seconds. Similarly, the Ranger 2V defeated their opponent with a five second margin.

Where the Rangers impressed the most was in the stellar performance of their fours. The V4B raced first, winning their duel race. The 2V4, which placed ninth at Head of The Charles, also beat TRC in a seven second victory. Finally, the V4A won their race, posting up the fastest time of the day.

Credit: Mark Landry


Closing Remarks

All in all, the Jesuit Invitational was a great end to a successful fall season, but also acts as a warning: winter is coming. For the next few months, the team will isolate its efforts to the erg room, grinding meters in search of speed for the upcoming spring. Over new years, the team will take a trip to Sarasota, Florida, to train alongside the nation’s top crews.

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