Hayden Montpas '22, Jack Corrales '20, and Silas Hartman '20 (Credit Brian Montgomery)

It’s the 10th frame in bakers. Time for the varsity anchor to step up. Will Risinger ’20 saunters up, Gucci Belt on display for all to see. He picks up his pink, fiery, Lit Bowling ball, and gives it a quick clean with his shammy. He walks up to the approach. A bead of sweat trickles down from his brow. Greasy. Risinger starts his walk up. Sliding towards the foul line, he releases his ball, confident in his throw. Arcing towards the gutter, the whole crowd expects his ball to curve. However, much to everyone’s chagrin, the ball plops into the gutter with a loud thud. Hilarity ensues, as exclamations of shock, jeers, and laughter fill the building due to this shocking event. But, even the best of bowlers have a bad throw, and Risinger and the team shrug off the first ball. Time for a wombat (hitting all ten pins after a gutter ball.) Again, he starts his approach, chucks the ball down lane, straight into the right gutter once again. In a truly shocking turn of events, the varsity anchor has just thrown two gutter balls in a row.

Other than this unfortunate break for Will in a baker game that came after the match was already clinched, it was a dominating performance in a close match with a talented Lewisville team. Despite the final score, the matches were much closer than they may have seemed, with some being decided by only a few pins.


Hayden Montpas ’22 once again led the Rangers with a 384 cumulative total, while Jack Corrales ’20 wasn’t far behind with a 373. Both Montpas and Corrales won their matches, 384-358 and 373-281, respectively. Joey Berven ’20 won his match 342-277 with a spicy 179 game 2, while the combined duo of Jack Holloran ’20 and Silas Hartman ’20 won 305-242. The Rangers then moved into bakers with a 6-1 lead over the Fighting Farmers.

Hayden Montpas ’22 on a roll (Credit: Bryan Montgomery)

Needing to win one baker game to seal the match, the Rangers looked to win the first match in order to prevent Lewisville from gaining any momentum. In a tight match, the scores were fairly close all the way until a strike from Corrales in the 9th frame helped Montpas ice the game in the 10th, as the Rangers won 159-144. Winning the second baker but falling just short in the the third, Jesuit was able to capture the point for total pin count with a tight margin of 496-489. The final score was 12-3, as the Rangers captured their second win of the year.

Jack Holloran ’20 remarked, “While I was on the practice lanes, I noticed our team was playing very well.”

Facetious words from Jack, as he helped to contribute in the singles matches, but it truly was a fantastic day for the varsity Rangers as they continued their unbeaten district/regionals streak (12).

Coach Ken Howell summed up the day as he said “The boys really put together one of the best team matches [I’ve] been a part of. This is the first time that all 5 singles scored over 300 pins over the the two games. It was fun to watch and be a part of.”


Jack Corrales ’20 cleaning up a spare (Credit: Brian Montgomery)

Matched up against Lewisville’s JV, the JV Rangers had a small challenge ahead of them. Of course, as they always do, the JV rose to the occasion and won the match 11-4. Will Mina ’22 led with a team high 141 Game 2 and a 239 cumulative score. Sam Sudderth ’20 followed close behind with 226 pins over two games. Nick Evanich ’22 followed with a 200-140 win in his match, while Alex Tinker ’23 and Victor Martinez ’22 unfortunately lost their matches, 147-196 and 135-141. The Rangers moved into bakers with a 5-2 lead.

Needing to win two bakers, the Rangers lost the first game, 109-117. However, never losing their cool, they fought back and won the next two 114-74 and 98-58. Capturing the aggregate total, it was enough for another win for the Ranger JV.

With a hot start to the season, the Rangers look to continue their dominance against L.D. Bell on Monday, November 11th, at their home alley, USA Bowl.

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