On a foggy February morning, the pitcher fires a fastball over the white plate. Rotating his hips and hands quickly, the batter connects and sends the ball sailing into the outfield. The left fielder shifts his position and sprints back towards the flying projectile, determined to catch it in his glove. In a matter of seconds, however, the baseball smashes into the blue, cushioned wall, marking the end of the field, right as the batter cruises onto second base with a successful at bat. Just as the ball soared over the defense, JV baseball will be soaring to new heights this 2016 season.

It’s that time of year again. Baseball season is rolling around the corner, and the players are eager to step on the field and compete. As with every new year, the JV baseball team lost some important players when they moved up to Varsity, but with that, the team also gained new additions who show great potential. Some of the new players joining the team this year include McCoy Lopez ’18, Bijan Kamalipour ’18, and Tyler Murrah ’18. Moreover, the team has many returning players who will undoubtedly play major roles including Casey Snelson ’17, John Guzman ’17, and Jack Freefield ’17. Along with those mentioned, there are many more who all play their own part, and together, make up the team.

Every player on the team has been hard at work in the offseason, preparing each day for their moment to step on the field. From the preliminary fall season to the strenuous boot camp in the winter, each man has put in the effort, and each of them is ready to show their skills and improvements this spring. Now, as the team approaches some of their very first games, many of the players expect great things from this season. Peter Delkus ’18 stated, “Every player on this team has put in lots of work. Things are looking great this year, and we’re going to win a lot of games.” Mirroring this confident outlook, Will Gibbins ’18 proclaimed, “The team has been practicing for months on end, going through repetition and repetition of every drill. We’ve maximized our potential and there is no way we’re gonna lose!” Furthering the teams expectations of success, McCoy Lopez preached, “Every afternoon that we spend practicing, while other schools aren’t, just puts us one step ahead of them. The players are determined to perform well, and we’re sure to have success with our level of dedication.” The players seem optimistic about this season, and to top it all off, Coach Corey Pointer, the head coach of the JV team, stated, “We’ve put together a great team this year. As long as we communicate well on the field and mentally prepare ourselves, I am confident we will win a lot of games.”

Overall, the general outlook seems to be very optimistic, and the players are eager to start playing. Right now, the team is just starting to play scrimmages, the real season will begin with tournaments starting in late February.

Make sure to come out and support your Jesuit Rangers once their season kicks off in a few weeks!