A solidarity to help others is an ideal found in the Jesuit profile. Every single student embodies this profile, and this can be seen through the noble actions the school takes part of. For example, this past March, both Jesuit College Prep and Ursuline Academy participated in the ‘Support Our Troops Drive’.

Primarily led by Ursuline Academy, the Support our Troops Drive was a service opportunity for students to donate and gift items to those serving this country. Through this drive, much was done to help and support our troops abroad, especially those serving in Afghanistan, Syria, and other countries that are unfortunately facing internal crises with terrorism. The hardworking and brave men and women serving our country deserve this greatly, and as a token of gratitude, Jesuit has donated a variety of gifts and useful tools.

These gifts and tools include: toothbrushes, snacks, toiletries, drinks (especially powdered drinks), packaged food, magazines (entertainment), small electronics, and letters.

As it can be observed, many toiletries and miscellaneous items are wanted by our troops in order to feel a bit more at home.

According to Mr. Perry, director of Community Service and Social Justice, “Over 200 items on the list were collected.” Mr. Perry went on by saying, “Multiple organizations were served and most items were shipped [successfully]”.

Ultimately the whole thing was a success, and hopefully Ursuline invites Jesuit to participate again.

With high hopes, the whole Jesuit community wishes the many troops stationed in Afghanistan and Syria a safe return. And hopefully, these brave and honorable soldiers will receive the school’s generous gifts with pride, knowing they are doing a great service for everyone back home. Through this event, we can recognize the great and humble contribution these servicemen and servicewomen do for our country. If you forgot to donate this year, there is always next year to help the defenders of our nation.