“Be a part of something great.”

Students will have an opportunity to do just that on October 8th, 2014 when Jesuit hosts its annual Blood Drive conducted by Carter Blood Care on campus. The event will take place from 7:30 AM until 3:00 PM in the Terry Center. The donation takes no longer than 10-12 minutes, but the process as a whole takes on average an hour and 15 minutes, so plan your day accordingly. A donor must be healthy (can perform everyday activities and feels no malaise whatsoever), be 16 with parents consent or 17 and older, and weigh more than 110 pounds.

Along with earning three service hours, students can donate to a very unique cause. Mr. Pete Hudson, ASC believes that “it is important for Jesuit students to donate because it makes the Jesuit community and our surrounding communities stronger and healthier. By reaching our goal of 100 units of blood, the Jesuit Community has the potential to save nearly 300 lives.”

According to the Red Cross, “one pint can save up to three lives.” Mr. Hudson recalled that “the usual amount of blood given each year has varied from 100 to 115 units in the past.” With all that in mind, it’s especially important to donate blood because it carries a massive impact and it reinforces the notion of being Committed to Social Justice, as stated in the Profile of the Graduate. For senior Jack Kelley, student leader for the Blood Drive for three years, giving blood is “incredibly important.” Kelley went on to say that he “cannot think of anything more rewarding or amazing that one person can do for another.” 

Aside from the event itself, Kelley believes that “the best part about the drive other than giving of the blood is to see how many family members come in and donate because it shows the true strength of our community and those willing to help out, even though they are not receiving credit for a student at the school.”

You can sign up to donate here if you are 17 or older. The Parent Consent form is here for students 16 years old. Contact Mr. Pete Hudson, ASC with any questions.

Martin Flores '17, Editor-In-Chief
Martin Flores, the Editor-in-Chief of The Roundup, has been writing since his Freshman year. He previously served as Senior News Editor, Junior Associate Editor, and Reporter. Apart from the newspaper, Martin is Drum Major of the Jesuit-Ursuline Ranger Band. The band performs at every Varsity football game. His other involvements include National Honor Society, Freshman Retreat Leadership, and Boy Scouts. In his spare time, Martin unwinds by jogging, reading the news, and producing music. Flores will attend Loyola University Chicago in the Fall to study Political Science and International Studies. He aspires to be an attorney after his collegiate endeavors.