Prom occurred on April 14, 2018, and more than 850 students from all over the Dallas area attended the event that happened at the Dallas Trade Mart Center. The event lasted from 7:00 p.m. till 11:00 p.m. The event was marked by a formal dinner, followed by a dance with a DJ.

Opinions on the success of prom vary, as many believed that it was not at the hauteur that it should have been. Others, like the faculty, believed that it was an enjoyable event.

The Location

Prom was at the Dallas Market Center not too far from Jesuit Dallas. It was quite a large venue with an area of 5,000,000 square feet used as a wholesale trade center with showrooms. With more than 850 students attending, the Dallas Market Center had the capacity to fit all the guests.


The Dinner

The formal dinner signaled the commencement of the annual prom. When everyone was ready and seated, people were called down by tables to go get their food. The entree consisted firstly of a salad with a different dressings. The main meal was a roast chicken with sauteed potatoes and a nice creamy lemon sauce to complement it. The dessert was also enjoyable as pastries were offered.

Although I personally thought the food was at par, a couple of seniors and juniors thought otherwise.

“The food was not put together well and everything seemed kind of gross.” Kyle Dotter ’18.

The Dance

Overall, the dance was average. Although many did have a good time, the music played, the DJ, and the set up of the dance floor was not enough for prom to stand out as a memorable event. The dance lacked good music to dance to. The DJ did not play the music that many students wished to dance to.

Broadly speaking, the DJ did not connect with the crowd as he did not truly understand what we wanted to be played. Part of why the audience did not like the music was because it was not music that could be danced too. There were not enough EDM, rap and dance hits played. It was up to the students to request the desired music.

Connor Thomas ’18 thought that prom lacked good music to dance too. “I think that the music was hard to dance to at times, but the DJ did play a little bit of YODELING boy and Y.A.M so that made up for it in my book.”

Most of the student body felt that the dance was indeed laid out nicely by the school. The student council and the administration, on the other hand, thought it was a success.

Mr. Tom Garrison, the principal, thought that the event ran smoothly and that the students behaved accordingly.

“I thought that the prom went off very well and I was very happy with the work that the student council did to make the night a success.  I am also very grateful to the faculty members who were there to help make the evening a safe and fun one for the all of the guests. I don’t have any ideas for doing things differently next year, but will let you know if I think of anything.”

Lindsay Brown ’18, an important leader in the student council felt that the Prom was a great event.

“I think that prom went really well. The food was delicious and everyone seemed to have a good time. This was the biggest prom yet and the faculty did a great job of handling all the students and the World Trade Center did a phenomenal job of accommodating us. Overall it was a very good experience and I was very pleased with how it turned out.”

Mr. Knize equally thought that prom was a great success.”I think it went extremely well. The students behaved in a proper fashion. It is incredible that there were more than 850 guests and nothing wild happened.”

What did you guys think of the prom? Would you change anything? Let the administration or student council know what you thought of it so next year can be better!


Mathieu Lavault '18
Mathieu ( Matt - euhh) Lavault (La - Vo) is an All-American guy from Dallas. Born to a French father and a Colombian mother, Mathieu is able to speak French, Spanish, and English at a proficient level. He likes to read, write, and travel. You can contact him at or you can find him probably somewhere around the school.