Daniel Dion was raised in Bolton, Connecticut in 1980, attending the local East Catholic High School. He graduated from East Catholic in 1999 and attended Boston College. He received a Bachelor’s of the Arts in Theology and Philosophy from Boston College in 2003, later extending his higher education to receive a Master of Theological Studies from the Harvard Divinity School in 2009.


After graduating from divinity school, he began instructing religious studies at Rivier University from 2013-2017, a private, Catholic liberal arts school in Nashua, New Hampshire. He then began teaching theology at Jesuit Dallas over the 2017-2018 school year and became the Assistant Principal of Student Affairs this school year.

Why Jesuit?

What truly inspired him to take the path of education was what he described as his  “passion for theology:” his passion to help students and serve the community. He first applied for a position at Jesuit Dallas in 2003. He later chose to work in Jesuit because he had always believed that Jesuit schools had “something special” and had heard good things through friends and fellow students he had met.

The Adjustment

His transition from a theology teacher to the Assistant Principal of Student Affairs has been “exciting and interesting” for him. He truly sees a difference between a theology teacher and the assistant principal day to day thought his work. But at his core, he wants to help “form them[students] into men for and with others.”


Mr. Dion’s goals at Jesuit are working on getting the new cafeteria set up for the school. He wants the students to get to know more about him and that he will “always be there for them [students].” With more personal goals set, Mr.Dion wants to achieve a “great year as an administrator.” His main motivation day to day is his father, who gives him the inspiration to  “care about what I do and have a positive attitude,” so he can do his best in helping us the students

Life Beyond Jesuit

Outside of Jesuit, Mr. Dion enjoys spending time with his family and with his dog Guster. He enjoys reading (especially science fiction novels) and finds time to go hiking.