In the heat of finals and convocations, we often focus on the students’ experiences. The deadlines. The pressure. The rewards. But we tend to forget about the people who make it all possible, the faculty and staff. On May 18, Jesuit hosted its Faculty and Staff Appreciation Banquet.

Along with dinner and presentations, 10 hard-working faculty and staff members received recognition through prestigious awards.

“It’s good to realize that your colleagues think highly of you, it’s something I’m gracious for,” commented Todd Gruninger, Science Department Chair. “The banquet was really nice, I enjoyed it.”



The Awards

Jeremiah E. Lenihan Family Faculty Award

Recognizes the faculty member who embodies cura personalis, care for the individual. This recipient demonstrates the ability and willingness to listen, treats students and colleagues with empathy, and seeks their well-rounded growth as men and women for others.

Awarded to Corey Marr

Elaine Henrion Award

Presented to a colleague who animates the Ignation vision by valuing our work as a covation. The recipient works to promote a faith that does justice by responding to Christ’s call and engaging in ongoing learning of Ignatian spirituality and pedagogy.

Awarded to Joe Nava

Rev. Robert Tynan, S.J. Award

Presented to a faculty member who actively builds community while inspiring others to seek the greater good for all. This recipient partners with colleagues and parents to achieve the school’s educational mission.

Awarded to Raul Ornelas

Michael Grimshaw Family Award

Seeks an educator who provides conditions and opportunities for continual interplay of experience, reflection, and action. This recipient does so by guiding inquiry that deepens informed actions, fostering the well-being of community members, and developing life-long learners.

Awarded to Todd Gruninger

Cecil Green Award

Celebrates an educator who discerns ways of teaching and learning consistent with Ignatian pedagogy. This colleague strives to be critically reflective by engaging in ongoing development, soliciting feedback, and evaluating programs in light of the overall mission.

Awarded to Enid Sanchez

Audrey and James E. Jack Humanities Award

Values an educator devoted to fostering collaboration in our community and creating a culture of generosity. This educator works in partnership with Jesuit and lay colleagues to engage in respectful dialogue that recognizes the wisdom of others and earns their trust.

Awarded to Ann Morton

Rev. Joseph Mulhern, S.J. Award

Honors a member of the staff for his or her availability and dedication to the mission of Jesuit education. This award is funded by the Don Hanratty Family.

Awarded to Elizabeth Hunt Blanc

Coach of the Year Award

Celebrates a coach whom students have identified as someone who inspires them. This recipient strives to model God’s love and infuse Ignatian values in activities outside the classroom while considering the best interest of students.

Awarded to Robert Williams

Rev. Patrick Koch, S.J. Award

Recognizes an individual whom students see as personifying the Jesuit mission. The recipient embodies excellence in terms of overall dedication and service. This award is funded by the Dr. and Mrs. J.D. O’Brien Endowment.

Awarded to Patricia Gerber

Hal F. Tehan Family Award

Presented to a faculty member who, according to their peers, most embodies the Profile of the Ignatian Educator.

Awarded to Joe Howard

Both the Coach of the Year Award and the Rev. Patrick Koch S.J Award were voted on by students. The rest were decided based on faculty nominations.

Ms. Morton, assistant music director and recipient of the Audrey and James E. Jack Humanities Award, commented “I was quite gobsmacked (it’s a British thing). I was stunned.”

Despite her accomplishment her favorite part was seeing other people get awards, especially Coach Robert Williams.

Similarly, Dr. Gruninger, recipient of the Michael Grimshaw Family Award, commented:

My favorite part was seeing Mrs. Sanchez win an award. I thought she was very well deserving of it. It was nice to see her and the expression on her face.”

Congratulations to these beloved members of the Jesuit community! If you see any of them in the halls, be sure to give them a strong high-five and a hearty ‘Nicely done!’

Thank them for another awesome year, and don’t forget to stay tuned to The Roundup for more exciting news!

Reed Zimmermann '19, Managing Editor
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