On Tuesday, September 15th, Jesuit held its annual College Night. For decades, College Night has grabbed lots of attention and does a great job of engaging students with universities and colleges. Traditionally, many eager students and families attended in person, but Jesuit used a virtual platform to maintain safety. With the virtual platform, Jesuit’s college fair allowed students and parents to connect with top universities from the US from their homes. Jesuit proudly hosted 219 colleges all throughout the site. In addition, students and parents were able to interact with a virtual “booth” system that allowed them to find information about colleges. This included watching videos and talking with representatives of the colleges.

Sam Steffler ’22 said, “I really enjoyed the overall experience as a Junior. To be able to seek out colleges that I’m interested in and not physically go to the campus and talk to representatives was my favorite part.”

Grayson Coke ’21 said, “My favorite part this year was the excitement at the chance to learn about more colleges that weren’t previously on my lists for colleges. I enjoyed the virtual aspect and being able to see so many opportunities.”

Jonathan Bray ’21 said, “College Night was a success for me in the sense that I narrowed my decisions and I am now showing interest in my favorite schools.”

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