As we all know hopefully, our school offers a student lead organization known as the Student Council. The Student Council comprises of different grade levels, from freshmen to seniors. The students that run it are the so-called silent voices of the entire student body of Jesuit, made of around a dozen students, each with different positions and roles.

But what is the point of Student Council anyway? What’s their purpose? As simply put by Lindsay Brown ’18, the president of the Body, “Student Council tries to give a voice to students who want change or are concerned with certain issues.” There are certain things the Student Council cannot change, of course, but it runs alongside the Administration office to try to negotiate things that can change for the following year.

Student Council coordinates many of the student gatherings that occur throughout the year. An event that happened this month that they coordinated was the Freshman mixer, where the Student Council chose much of the music and also helped clean afterwards. Student Council also picks the Homecoming Dance music. According to Lindsay, the freshmen mixer was of great success as the student councils attendance during the dance helped ensure a smooth and joyous evening for all those present.

The Council has plans to make the Homecoming games even grander without giving away what the dance will look like. Lindsay Brown stated that “we would like a homecoming to be a surprise but that the theme for this year would be a night at the movies.” For the seniors, this will allow for a range of costumes to choose from their favorite movie or actor.

Not only did they get good feedback from the success of the Freshman mixer but they were also the ones responsible for raising money for the victims of the hurricanes in both Houston and Florida. Lindsay said that “many things he wishes to accomplish are in the process of getting done.” He believes that the school has unified across grade levels when it comes to helping people out.

But how do you even join you might ask? There is an election for the freshmen class and the person that receives the most votes hold the official position of President, 2nd most gets Vice President, and then 3rd most gets student representative. Once on the Council, the leaders already in assign jobs to the newly elected students “according to how we think you would do best.” The future of the Student Council in our school will continue to be bright. Brown hopes that once he leaves Jesuit, the Council will be able to achieve the success that he had experienced in his four years at Jesuit. He hopes “the students on it currently take the good and bad of what we do and bring their own ideas.” He hopes that they do not do what was done poorly before and learn so as to implement things into the next year.

If anyone has interest in the Student Council, contact Lindsay Brown to learn more about it.

Mathieu Lavault '18
Mathieu ( Matt - euhh) Lavault (La - Vo) is an All-American guy from Dallas. Born to a French father and a Colombian mother, Mathieu is able to speak French, Spanish, and English at a proficient level. He likes to read, write, and travel. You can contact him at or you can find him probably somewhere around the school.

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