It’s election season at Jesuit Dallas, and this year the polls are neck and neck!

Two weeks ago on Tuesday, March 3rd, three candidacy groups ran for only two spots in the upcoming runoffs: the dynamic Rusty Landon & Michael Griffin Scott, the newcomers Kassa Kassahun & Jake Wilemon, and the ferocious Michael Pontikes & Michael Boyson. All juniors, these three duos gave it their all, but in the end, underdogs Wilemon and Kassahun came up short, advancing “Mike&Mike” along with Scott & Landon to the runoffs this Tuesday, March 17th.

The two remaining teams are putting all cards on the table for this upcoming election. With very unique campaign goals, the outcome will be extremely close and interesting.

Landon & Scott have set out with three main goals in this election. First, they plan to address the microwave situation. Their next goal is to become more involved with Ursuline’s Student Council to ultimately host more dances and mixers for underclassmen. Finally, their ultimate goal is to attempt to get more dress-down days for  Jesuit students. “Although possibly very challenging, this has been a popular request coming from all classes,” says Scott. “We would also like to arrange a service project involving the entire Council. Participating in our own service project would demonstrate the Council’s efforts to live out the motto, “Men for Others”.”

“Mike&Mike”, on the other hand, have slightly different visions for the future. They plan to “improve Jesuit by hosting more fundraisers for Student Council, which would enable us to carry out more of the suggestions we receive in the suggestion box online,” said Boyson. He also noted how the pair hopes to “provide more functions between Jesuit and Ursuline; possibly a car smash; new supplies in the lunch room; and more events for seniors in the senior courtyard.” Furthermore, this team feels that the council has been focusing on unnecessary goals for far too long. “We believe that the power given to the Student Council can be used to do more than just buy microwaves and run three Jesuit events. Through the creation of new programs, we hope to achieve our goals,” proclaimed Pontikes.

Microwaves seem to be a hot topic this year for elections, and it will certainly be a powerful factor to push voters to either side.

A model of the Jesuit student, Boyson received the prestigious Man For Others award two consecutive years in a row and has one year as vice president of the Student Council under his belt. Additionally, he participates on the Varsity Swimming team. Along with Boyson’s accomplishments, this year marks Pontikes’ third year on Student Council, and he also throws shot put on the Varsity Track team along with winning the Ranger Heart award.

However, both Landon and Scott also epitomize the Jesuit student. Like Pontikes, this is Scott’s third year on the Council, acting as president for his class. He also plays left outside back on the Varsity Soccer team and is an active member in the service club PALS. Landon, on the other hand, plays guard on the Varsity Basketball team and was a freshmen retreat group leader.

Well, there you have it folks. Go out and vote this Tuesday, and may the best team win!

Sean Howard '16
Before Jesuit, Sean attended St. Paul the Apostle School. He joined the Roundup in the middle of his sophomore year, and has greatly enjoyed it. Along with the Roundup, Sean actively participates in the Medical Society, where he is the president. He is also a huge fan of Superman.