Source: Student Council

Below is Student Council’s second address this year written by Student Body President Will Florer ’20 and Student Body Vice President Will Nickols ’20.


Dear Jesuit,

We hope your first few months of this school year are going well.  We wanted to update you about some recent Student Council projects.

Since August, we have held five full council meetings where we:

  • Presented reports from the senior class’s meeting with teachers about academics, student life, and ideas they think would improve the Jesuit experience
  • Presented reports from our administrator meetings about academics, community-building opportunities, and other ideas
  • Presented a report from our meeting with Sage including:
    • Adding 2 toasters
    • Adding more skim milk
    • Adding a ramen day
    • Adding snacks to be available throughout the day
    • Adding additional hand sanitizer stations by the other doors and adding trash cans at the front doors
  • Discussed department-sponsored sports games

Recent projects and school events include:

  • Adding another ping pong table in Hughes Hall
  • Setting up ESPN in Hughes Hall in the mornings
  • Organizing and running the freshman mixer
  • Funding various projects sponsored by the Jesuit Competitive Shooting Team 

Upcoming projects and school events include:

  • Adding a foosball table in the cafeteria
  • Organizing and decorating the homecoming dance
  • Organizing Ranger Day

We want the entire Student Body to have the opportunity to know what your elected representatives are working on and the ability to suggest future ideas for the Student Council. So, as a reminder, the suggestion box is on the main Moodle page, our meeting minutes and a spreadsheet of our projects are published on the Student Council Moodle page, and our letters can be found on the Student Council Moodle page or in The Roundup.

Go Rangers,

Will Florer and William Nickols

Student Body President and Vice-President