An aged wooden table. An old, but effective, ballot box. A few rickety voting booths. And of course, the infamous pencils with spoons taped on them.

This characterizes the typical Student Council election scene, and on Thursday, March 28, the Student Body elected (and re-elected) ten members to hold office in Student Council for the 2019-2020 school year.

Senior Class Officers

With the addition of one new member, officers of the rising Senior Class are excited for next year.

“I’m really looking forward to being a part of Student Council for another year and it is a privilege to be working with such a good group of young men,” commented Diego Sierra ’20.

Sierra continued, “I look forward to working more with the student body and help the council be more interactive with everyone as we make our accomplishments and ideas more public for the whole school to see and provide us with any constructive feedback they may have.”

Student Council newcomer Tommy Hovivian ’20 is also ready for next year. “I am proud and honored to serve the Class of 2020 and the greater student body fro the 19-20 school year. I feel that together as a school we can improve the community to make everyone feel welcome.”

Junior Class Officers

Although all the officers remained in the same positions as last year, they are still excited to serve on the council once again.

“I am truly grateful to have been re-elected.” Luis Osorio ’21 stated. “I think [this year] is going to be the most productive and wholesome year yet.” Simply put, “there are big moves in the making.”

Graham Bowers ’21 is glad that new officers were elected. “We have a lot of former members that will get us off to a running start, but we also have new faces with many new ideas so it should be a productive mix of old and new.”

Sophomore Class Officers

With the addition of Sam Dunkerly ’22, the rising sophomore class looks to add a new perspective on the council.

“I am so grateful to be elected and can’t wait to get started by being a representative for my class and serving my community,” commented Dunkerly.

Patrick Bennett ’22 stated that “I really enjoyed my freshmen term of student council.” Bennett continued, saying “It is a huge honor to have been re-elected by my classmates to represent the sophomore class. I am driven to set out and implement new, exciting change.”


Student Council moderator Mr. Hanley is very excited for this year’s council.

“I am very pleased with the results; however, I would have been just as pleased if any other combination of students were elected. Every candidate this year across the three grade levels is a fine representative of his class and I told everyone who was not elected that my hope is that they continue to find ways to get involved at Jesuit and use their gifts and talents to benefit the community.”

The Student Body President and Vice President, Will Florer ’20 and Will Nickols ’20, respectively, are hoping to have a great year.

“We have a lot of guys who have been on the council for a couple of years returning, so I think that experience going to really help get us going quickly,” commented Florer.

Nickols added that “we have new [members] to provide new ideas and different ways of looking at topics we are going to work on, so I’m really excited.”

Looking to Next Year

For next year, Student Council hopes to increase transparency between the council and the student body and to fulfill the needs of the student body.

Florer commented that “We plan on working hard to constantly ensure that the wishes of the student body be conveyed to the administration and to maintain clear and open communication between the Student Council and the student body.”

Florer continued, stating “Coming off of a strong year for Student Council under Marco and Reagan’s leadership, I believe we are well-equipped and prepared to pick up where they left off and we will continue to build upon the positive impact they created here.”

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