Vote for Me! No, Vote for Me!

It all started during 4th period, Town Hall, a way for students to inform themselves about who to vote for and why. This was the first time that Jesuit has done any sort of event like this. Mr. Howard and Mr. Amelotte  introduced the 11 candidates for the class of 2022:


Kyle Nolan talked about his leadership role as the football captain. He also talked about how he would be a great candidate because he knows how to be a leader.

Ryan Allered talked about how it’s important for a leader to be sympathetic and how he would be a good fit for the student council.

Landon Ursy talked about his leadership roles at St. Monica. He also talked about how he is approachable is committed to service and his community.


Patrick Bennet said he would be a good council member because he was the head ambassador and had already been a student council member at St. Rita.

Jackson Summers said he believes in helping his community achieve greatness. He also believes that brotherhood is important and that he would be a good fit for student council.

Joey Trigiani talked about how he is affable, and his service as vice president of student council and president of NJHS at Christ the King.


Nahum Najera talked about how he would be there for others, by listening to the students about things they think should change or return.  

Arnold talked how his role as a soccer captain helped him gain leadership skills. He also talked about how people’s thoughts are important and should be put into action.

Samuel Dunkerly said he was a good listener and he was approachable. He also said he is a great leader and would be a good council member.


Imjai Utailawon said he has past experience because he was the treasurer for NJHS back at his old school.

Rodrigo Aldrey said he would be a good candidate as he cares about brotherhood and will help people in their toughest moments. He said he was a good role model and a good mentor.



These 11 candidates could all be great leaders for student council. They all have the traits for what it takes to be a student council leader. Now it is up to YOU to vote for who you think would be the best fit.