As Mitchell Opatowsky ´15 watched the first presidential debate, he wondered where he could talk and interact with other students at Jesuit about current news, the economy, and domestic and world issues. With the help of Mr. O’Brien, the two young men sought to create the new club, Jesuit News Flash!

News Flash members have discussed all of the political debates, South Korea political issues and the issue about Benghazi.  Mr. Jake O’Brien (ASC), the moderator of the club, said, “It was a great idea for a club because it is a great way to stay on top of current events.”

Mitchell added that he made News Flash to be “efficient and fun.”  Because he also participates in crew, Mitchell sets up the meeting times during the sophomore lunch period or after school for about 15 minutes.  This is short enough to do other things, such as studying, but also to learn about current events.

He also stated that the club will “watch videos and discuss each one and sometimes pick a certain topic” to discuss.   Because Mitchell and his other club members decide on a topic, Mr. O’Brien only adds into the conversation when he wants to give his personal input.  This is to ensure he doesn’t intrude on the club because “the club is mostly student-run.”

Mitchell also explained the challenges of obtaining and then maintaining club members: “I used candy as a bribery tool and also told people that it would be on their college resume; so why not do it?”  For some clubs, it may be hard to get new members, so it doesn’t hurt to give rewards for stopping by.

“Clubs are crucial to enrich the campus life because the real learning happens outside the classroom.  For people not interested in school it gives them a place to go,” added Mr. O’Brien. “Current events usually strike an interest in the community because it allows people to put in their two cents about the subject,” pointed out Sam Collins ´15. “That is honestly why I wanted to join the club.”

Clubs at Jesuit are important because they can help you find your passion, help you get involved in the community, and help give you a chance to hang out with your friends, and enjoy something you like.

If you wish to discuss and debate current events, relevant topics, or historical events, join the Jesuit News Flash!  Don’t let this opportunity blow by you because new events haappen everyday that can stir some interesting opinions.  Don’t miss the meeting!

Hayden Vines '15
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