Medical Society. It’s one of those clubs that every Jesuit student has heard about. Whether it be the desire to become a doctor, or just curiosity about living things, the Medical Society has attracted a number of students and is one of Jesuit’s biggest, most prestigious extracurricular activities. But, what has Medical Society been up to this semester?

Traditionally, freshmen in Medical Society participate in the cat dissection during the Spring Semester, and this year is no change of events. “Cat dissections are underway,” explained Mr. Von, one of the teachers involved with the Medical Society, and humorously added that “this year, we had to host two classes per week instead of one because the cats were on back order with the company.”

The Sophomores are also allowed to participate in the cat dissection; however, the primary activity for Sophomores, the structure function labs, takes place during the fall semester.

From clinical rotations, to STARS applications, to mission trips, the Spring semester of 2017 has been a busy one for juniors in Medical Society. Students who sign up for clinical rotations go to a hospital once a month to assist real doctors and learn from them. “Juniors will complete their final rotation Friday may 5th. It’s hard to believe it’s already almost over,” reflected Mr. Von.

Some juniors were also recently accepted to the prestigious summer research internship known as STARS. STARS provides an opportunity for students to work one on one with a biomedical researcher from Southwestern University. “The STARS summer research applicants heard of their acceptances during the very last days of march,” said Von. “This year’s participants are Peter Hundley ’18, Nick Wilson ’18 and Connor Thomas ’18. We are very proud of these young men.”

In March, eight juniors and seniors in the Medical Society went to Guatemala on a mission trip. Medical Society President and trip participant Matthew Brewer ‘17 explained “We worked with all kinds of doctors to provide medical care to these impoverished people.” A number of doctors from Dallas accompanied the students to help provide healthcare to the people.

On top of the mission trip and general meeting, some of the seniors have been participating at their service sites on Wednesdays at hospitals.

Finally, the Medical Society will close out the year with its first annual Medical Society banquet. Brewer expressed, “we’ll have everyone come, there’ll be dinner hosted in the Terry Center. We invite all the doctors who helped us on the mission trip, everyone who’s spoken to us this year it’s like a big thank you for helping us out this year.” 

Likewise, Mr. Von commented on the upcoming events of Medical Society, saying “We look forward to the first banquet and our first microbiology class next fall.”

“We also just elected our new executive board,” concluded Mr. Von. “President Ryan Maclanda ’18, Matthew Joy ’18 Vice President, Joel Astbury ’19 secretary, Eduardo de Leon ’19 historian, Junior rep Eugene Watkins ’19 and Will Nickols ’20 Sophomore rep.”

The medical society certainly has been busy this semester, and continues to engage in incredible Medical-related activities for the development for the students, or rather the doctors of the future.