Medical Society in Guatemala, 2019. Photo Credit: Jack Walker

On August 29, 2019, the first Medical Society meeting was held in Hughes Hall, along with an ice cream social. If you couldn’t make it, we’ll be going through the details in this article.

At The Meeting:

Will Nickols ’20, the club president, first introduced himself to returning members, followed by Vice President Jack Walker ’20, Secretary Ermias Belay ’20, and Junior Representative Holland Ernst ’21. Next, he ran through what would be covered in the meeting and briefly explained the club itself and its goals.

Participation Requirements:

  • $55.00 club dues to join by September 13th; $10 late fee applied after the 13th
  • $20.00 per individual class
  • If there is a need for scholarships, there are plenty of opportunities (See a club moderator)
  • There is a need to for fill a 5-hour service requirement by a project sponsored by the club or approved
  • Must at least attend 5 out of 8 monthly meetings

Classes and who can participate:

• Cat Dissection: Any grade level, in the spring
• Structure Function Lab: sophomores and above, in the fall
• Organic Chemistry: Juniors and Seniors, in the fall
• Clinical Rotations: Juniors only (Closed for this year)
• Microbiology: Seniors only, in the spring
• Clinical Psychology Rotations: Seniors only
• Medical Mission Trip: Seniors and Juniors only

All Members Activities

There will be monthly meetings with Doctors and STARS Presentations. There will also be service opportunities for the members and help in the Medicine Drive.

Why Should You Join?

The Medical Society is always open for more members to join! Paolo Amar ’22 explains:

“I believe you should join Medical Society if you are considering joining the medical field or if you are just interested to see what they do. They have a vast amount of activities that include clinical rotations, dissecting various animals and parts of the body, and many other activities. [It] has something for everyone.”

Will Nickols added: “I am really looking forward to a tremendous year in Medical Society. With our record turnout for the informational meeting, we are planning to continue our speaker series and all of our usual classes while reinvigorating some declining classes and adding a new sports medicine class.”

“We are also looking to recommit Medical Society to community outreach through local events such as organizing a weekly elementary school health program and joining in suicide prevention and cancer walks. Additionally, we hope to raise a record amount of medicine for our Guatemala medical trip in the spring. As always, I hope Medical Society will instill in Jesuit students the skills to enter any health care profession – the background academic knowledge, the applied work in hospitals, and the devotion to service.”

The Medical Society hopes for the best, as the new school year begins and hopes for more members to join. Stay tuned to The Roundup for more Medical Society coverage!