The large group of Jesuit students crowd around the large brown podium, as the group eagerly awaits the arrival of their speaker of the month. They jump into their seats once they notice that the door creaked open. As the students would soon learn, this was not the Medical Society’s usual speaker of the month; instead, this meeting more served as a guide for the decisions students will make in life rather than as a lecture about medicine.

This was the scene Tuesday, December 1, as the Medical Society welcomed Dr. Bob Morgan ’71  to come speak to the group. Dr. Morgan broke the trend of the recent speakers of the month for the Medical Society, speaking more on life lessons and how you can make choices that will set you up in the future. Most Jesuit students have met Dr. Morgan before as he not only introduced the 2015 Distinguished Alumnus but also has treated many Jesuit students. During his lecture, Dr. Morgan talked about coming from humble beginnings, dreaming big and achieving his goals by hard work and dedication. He spoke about how habitual actions create who you are and how Jesuit helped form him into who he has become.

Almost all of the members of the Medical Society raved over the presentation. Matthew Brewer ’17 commented on it, saying, “I thought it was a really interesting lecture. Dr. Morgan provided a very realistic and humorous take on life after Jesuit and gave great advice on how to succeed on the path to becoming a doctor. His unique perspective as a Jesuit graduate really allowed him to put himself in our shoes and provide guidance tailored to where we stand now, advising us about opportunities that could potentially become abundant to us as Jesuit students.” Brewer’s approbation echoed by the other students in attendance, Louis Hartmann ’17 told The Roundup, “I found his talk really insightful. His story and rise into the medical field was something I personally found really inspiring.”

The Medical Society’s praise for Dr. Morgan did not stop with the students as Club Moderator Mr. Von Schlehenried ’06 remarked, “I think the talk was very inspiring and informative, especially since many of the Medical Society students who attended this month’s meeting were seniors.” Based off the comments from the Medical Society, there is no doubt that Dr. Morgan’s presentation was very liked across the board.

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