The young men sit around the black stage, listening as the speaker presents his life journey. Glued to his words, each student follows along in complete silence, eagerly listening as the speaker offers his own experiences in the medical field. Finally, the boys loudly applaud as the presenter wraps up his talk, giving the students a lot to think about.

On Tuesday, March 22, the Jesuit Medical Society met for its monthly speaker. This past month, Dr. Dominique Kasindi ’07 spoke to the Medical Society about his path from Jesuit into residency. Dr. Kasindi’s message was especially powerful because of how easily each member of the Medical Society could relate to it. Dr. Kasindi began like all of us, in the halls of Jesuit College Preparatory. After graduating from Jesuit, he went to Loyola New Orleans, studying psychology before heading off to the Texas A&M medical school. Now, Dr. Kasindi resides in Dallas, working as a physician specializing in internal medicine.

Dr. Kasindi’s speech was extremely well received by the members of the Medical Society. Andrew Arraj ‘16 praised the speech, saying, “Dr. Kasindi had great insight into the process of becoming a doctor in addition to giving us concrete ways in which we can prepare to enter and be successful in the medical field.” Sean Howard ‘16 echoed Arraj’s praises by commenting, “He talked to us very broadly over the medical journey from a freshman in the Medical Society to a full-fledged physician. It was extremely interesting and exciting!”

Dr. Kasindi focused his talk on what his path from Jesuit all the way to being a doctor looked like. Dr. Kasinidi’s speech was undoubtedly so well received because it is so relatable to the members of the Medical Society today. Only years ago, Dr. Kasindi was in Jesuit’s very classrooms, listening to other speakers, in the same position that many students are in now.

Well, this month’s speaker was obviously extremely insightful, giving the students a great model to follow. Make sure to stay tuned to The Roundup as the Medical Society continues on its great year.