As sophomores transition into junior year, they often find themselves taking initiative through their extracurricular activities, for example, leadership groups. There are three leadership groups that juniors can seek membership: PALS, Interact, and Key Club. This past Wednesday, Key Club finished their elections and chose their student officers to lead this school year in their first meeting.

President: Luis Osorio

“On a day to day basis, I try to do things to the best of my ability. For example, working hard in school, athletics, extracurricular activities, and even being a good son at home. However, I still like to chill and hang with friends, as I try my best to live a “unnecessary-stress” free life role with the flow. I am an outgoing person, making friends and being on good terms with all people. I indirectly live by the motto “it’s better to make friends than to have enemies.

Key Club, to me, means a variety of things. It’s an opportunity to help out my school and the community with my friends and peers. Second, it is a place where I can showcase my leadership and my desire to make change, helping those in need through various methods. I grew up with my parents instilling in me the value of understanding how fortunate I am and how others have not been so lucky. Therefore, I try to help and treat others with love and empathy. We are, ultimately, equal people. 

I have heard that Key Club been called kind of a joke club or a club that doesn’t do anything. I want to change that reputation and make it something special and worthwhile for everyone. Key Club shouldn’t be just another thing on your resume. I look forward to a productive year.”

Vice President: Michael Sowell

“The most important thing to me is to do my very best in everything I do, and to use this ability to help my community, friends, and those around me. No matter what, I want to enjoy what I do and make sure that I can live as stress free as possible to balance my social and school life. I like to use my sense of humor to make people happy, and I never want to make enemies. I like to see myself as a friend to all. 

I see Key Club as an opportunity to use my skills to help the community and give back. I want it to be a club that everyone looks forward to going to and seeing at service projects. It is very important to me to uphold the values of key club and to support Luis as second in command through his goals for Key Club’s future. I believe that Key Club isn’t just a club, but is what we, as a group, make of it. In the end, I think that we will make it a good learning and service experience through the joy of helping our community.”

Secretary: Juan Esquivel

“My whole life, I have tried to the best person to my abilities by putting my best effort forward. In every task I do, I am hard working and always try to help and be friendly towards others. I always try to include everybody and try to be someone people can look up to. Everyone deserves to be treated fairly and equally. 

I see Key Club as not only a club, but as an opportunity to improve my leadership skills and learn to take charge by helping in the community through service. I mainly do service through Sandwich Club, but I feel that Key Club will help me open up to new service experiences, sparking new interests.

Treasurer: Sullivan Scott

“For as long as I can remember, I have tried to be the nicest person I could be to others around me. Whether that be on the field, in class, or while hanging out with my friends, that has always been my goal. I’ve always seen being kind to others as the only option. Being rude is just unnecessary and it ultimately makes no one happy.

I see Key Club as an opportunity to serve my community, while building stronger relationships with those around me. Manna for Others early every Saturday morning with Mr. Vu, Mr. Ornelas, and some other Key Club members has demonstrated what this leadership group strives to do. Seeing the smiles on the faces of the families eating our breakfast tacos and talking before their church service has shown me and everyone else that have gone how much a little bit of our time can benefit others. This experience of Manna for Others has sparked a desire in me to help organize more service opportunities with Key Club and help make Key Club a worthwhile and productive club for everyone involved.”

Parliamentarian: Brittan Welborne

“I tend to put my all into most things in life, whether is school, competitive shooting, work, family, etc. I’ve always been a competitive person, which is probably the reason for this. Despite this, I am also fairly laid back and relaxed, which I feel is necessary to living a happy life.

Just like in many other aspects of my life, I plan on devoting much time to Key Club to make sure the club runs smoothly. As the parliamentarian, it is my job to assure that meetings run efficiently and that Key Club is a presentable club to others outside of it. I truly desire for Key Club to be seen as a legitimate service organization, and I feel that I will be able to do that through my position, at least on the meetings front.”

I look forward to another exciting year of Key Club with this year’s student leaders!

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