Photo Credit: liveaboutdotcom

Whether you are a skilled diver or the thought of diving intrigues you, the Jesuit Scuba Club is the club for you. Brand new to Jesuit this school year, the Jesuit Scuba Club hopes to attract all Jesuit students who have experience or interest in scuba.

In describing the central vision of the club, Mr. Jeffrey Allen, the faculty sponsor of Jesuit Scuba, commented, “The Jesuit SCUBA Club is just a place for divers (or those interested in diving) to talk about the sport while we’re all dry. We have aspirations to talk about all aspects of diving throughout the year – from dive safety to fish & coral identification, and from the gear of diving to editing photos for more color and impact. In the end, though, the club will take the form of what’s most interesting to the students and whatever they want to talk about.”

Mr. Allen added that with the help of an active club base, there is the possibility of traveling to a local dive site next spring or summer. Also, he hopes to be able to use Jesuit’s new natatorium in the future for dive training and buoyancy practice.

The club’s first meeting is September 24, 2019, at 7:30 am in A108. It will meet once or twice a month after the initial meeting with rotating days and times. With the club being brand new to Jesuit, however, the specifics have not yet been determined by the members.

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