After two weeks of inactivity, Jesuit students gathered once again on Sundays, February 28 and March 6, 2011. Players were eager to get back on the court to showcase their skills and improve their team’s standings.

 The Crew remains a controversial fixture atop the league, with their uncanny ability to shoot more ridiculous shots than any other team in the league and their general demeanor on the court, a demeanor that saps all energy and desire from opposing teams. On March 6, James Douglas (’12) took this questionable shot selection to a new level when he launched a half-court prayer early in the game. With his teammates looking on, “Doogie” found the bottom of the net from 45 feet out, a shot which precipitated an emotional reaction from the Crew’s bench. The Crew went on to beat Team Jacked en route to a 4-1 day. Griffin and Co. followed up a 4-0 week with a disappointing 2-2 mark, highlighted by the noticeable absence of recent acquisition of the former basketball star Brian Buell (’12). Griffin suffered a devastating defeat at the hands of Jacked in a game that involved an impressive display of fouling from Athlete of the Week Michael Scanlin (’12). Routed twice by The Crew, Jacked was thrilled to pick up a win against a superior Griffin side that struggled to find the basket. Perhaps the largest piece of news, however, was the return of Campus Diversity Diversity Erik Burrell, the league’s Lebron James, Kobe Bryant, and Chris Paul melded into one super player capable of turning an entire team from a pretender into a contender. Mr. Burrell led More Powerful to multiple victories on the day and helped More Powerful stake their claim as one of the top teams in the league. With the next two weeks falling during Spring Break, Commissioner Mr. Ken Howell has decided to postpone the next set of games until March 27th. With the championship arriving April 10th, the teams do not have much time to work out any remaining kinks, and they must find their rhythm soon if they want a chance at the first place prize: Dallas Mavericks tickets for the April 13th game.


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