What is the purpose of this club?

You are probably wondering: What exactly is the Hip-Hop Appreciation Club? The club, led by Ermias Belay ‘20, offers all students interested to share their unique viewpoints on certain aspects of songs related to the Hip-Hop genre. The awesome part about it is that the members of the club dig deeper than just that. They look into how it affects modern society and the impact it has on it. When new music comes out they share their thoughts on if the album or song is good or not. They analyze a variety of aspects such as the melody, flow, lyrics, and more. Belay announced at the beginning of the meeting that “the main point of this club is to discuss the relevance of historical and modern hip/hip-hop music.”  

Progress Thus Far

The club itself has really taken off from the get-go. It already has about 35 members and is encouraging more to join. An interesting remark by Dagmawe Daniel ‘20 from the last meeting on a particular song was, “Wow, did you hear that upbeat rhythm in that song,” showing that each individual of the club shares their distinctive thoughts.

Club Commitment

The Hip-Hop Appreciation Club meets every Friday for 30 minutes right after school. If you are one of the students who have a busy schedule but thinks they would enjoy it, DO IT. I highly recommend this club because there is no major commitment and it’s fun to share your thoughts on your taste in music with others. It strays away from your constant schedule and enables you to have fun and to relax.

Here are some thoughts and suggestions coming from current members of the club:

William Kelton ‘20: “These songs are great but slept on” —

“Stranger Things by Chris Brown and Joyner Lucas”

“I Don’t Die: Chris Brown Joyner Lucas”

“Young Sinatra IV by Logic is dropping the day our next is”

Aidan Magner ‘22: “Uzi just dropped New Patek”

“Tyler the creator just dropped a one track called 435”

Jordi Carabajal ‘19: “Brock Hampton is the most versatile group of hip hop and Iridescence is not an album that can be thrown away after one listens.”

Jorge Rivera ‘20 commented on Jordi’s quote about Brock Hampton saying “Agreed, their creativity is unlike anybody else I’ve ever heard, and it’s really good.”

Continue to stay on the lookout for the Hip/Hop Appreciation Club and don’t be afraid to join! Be sure to stay tuned to The Roundup for the latest trending clubs.