Homecooking is a regular theme of the upcoming holidays. Whether it’s your mother’s favorite cinnamon roll recipe or your father’s best stuffing, everyone loves a home-cooked meal. It is often the center of authentic cooking, as if Martha Stewart is inside your own home, combining spices and herbs to make that food just taste right. The Culinary Society had a similar experience towards the end of October, as they crafted delicious chicken pot pie from scratch. Here’s how it went:


Vinnie shows John Gehan ’22 how to properly dice the potatoes.

First, they started out by dicing vegetables and chicken, as Vinnie, SAGE head chef, introduced them to the proper culinary technique for chopping vegetables. Bryan Bowling’ 20 commented, “We made the ingredients by scratch and it was a very simple process that anyone could follow.” Once they were done, they let the vegetables sit on the heated stove and rolled the dough for the pie. After cooking the chicken, they mixed all the ingredients into the pie before baking it in the oven. Holland Ernst ’21 commented on the process, saying, “It was simple. Very simple, but can be time-consuming if you make the dough from scratch.”

Final Product

Students are preparing ingredients to make the filling.

The reviews are in…  It was delicious. Bryan Bowling ’20 expressed this sentiment, saying, “We made the best chicken pot pie I’d ever tasted… The way the flavors combined and contrasted made the meal a flavorful experience.

Similarly, Holland Ernst’ 21 believed the chicken pot pie was overall “Well-seasoned and well-cooked. The chicken stock’s viscosity was not overpowering, to the point where you couldn’t taste the rest of the filling. It wasn’t too much. The vegetables were not too soft, but also not too hard. They also seemed to use some of the leftover products to bake other things, as noted by Holland Ernst ’21. “We used the leftover dough from the pie and added cinnamon to make little cinnamon crisps. They were delicious.”

Mrs. Viollet remarked, “It was good. We baked them in the little muffin-tins, and the students got to take them home. The food was excellent.”

Looking Towards The Future

Mrs. Vollet, JP Moore ’21, and John Gehan ’20 are ready to start turning the ingredients into the final product.

It looks like the Culinary Society is and will be making some enjoyable dishes for the school to enjoy. I highly suggest coming out to these meetings and sharpening up your own culinary skills. Bryan Bowling ’20 looks brightly upon what’s next for the Culinary Society. “I’ve always had a passion for cooking, and the culinary club teaches you many ways to prepare different types of food. We’re excited for future plans to cook for the school and show off what the Culinary Club has to offer.”

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