Final match between Sam Dayton '20 and Eduardo de Leon '19

Do you know what people played before FortNite?


They played Chess.

On Friday April 27, the Jesuit Chess Club hosted the second annual Jesuit Open. Fourteen students from both Jesuit and Bishop Lynch participated, raising $125 for Catholic Refugee services.

Each competitor played four intense, timed matches. To add to the fun, we brought in cookies and Chick-fil-a (who graciously donated an extra platter for the occasion).

“This was a really good opportunity for me to meet people who were great at chess,” commented Bishop Lynch sophomore Zimu Guan.

“It was really fun and challenging to be in this tournament,” agreed Bishop Lynch junior William Guo.

The final round ended around 6:15, leaving us with the Chess Champion of the Diocese, Sam Dayton ’20.

“I always knew I was going to win, so long as I didn’t play Kota.” Dayton continued, “I am very happy that I won. I don’t know if there is a higher title that one can achieve than Champion of the Dallas Diocese.”

The competition ended with the awarding of over $100 in gift cards.

“I’m very proud of all the guys who came in and gave their time,” stated faculty sponsor Mr. Joe Nava ’02. “I am very grateful for the leadership of the program. It’s a great start. Hopefully next year more people will show up. It’s just the beginning.”

“It was a great way to bring different schools together. It is a good start for future chess tournaments where we should be able to integrate even more schools in the diocese,” concluded Chess Club Co-President Kota Ueshima ’19.

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Reed Zimmermann '19, Managing Editor
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