Jesuit Dallas: a school where boys become men. Men who are Loving; Religious; Intellectually Competent; Physically Fit; and Committed to Working for Justice. These are the Six Profiles of a Jesuit Graduate, these aspects of a man who will be ready to set the world on fire. Here at Jesuit, your son will grow into the man with the potential to face any challenge in the world. But, this personal growth all starts with a thought, a choice to take a chance here.

As the fall season comes to a close, parents begin looking for the next step of education where their children can have an impactful high school experience. To get a taste of life here as a Ranger, Jesuit will be hosting an open house event this Sunday, November 10, at 1 P.M. on campus. Student ambassadors will be leading tours of the school and, along with faculty members, will highlight their own experiences from their time at Jesuit. In addition, you can listen in on a math or English class, learn about our extracurricular activities, or understand our values at the school. Finally and most importantly, there will be food and beverages, so that’s definitely a reason to show up.

If you are genuinely interested in applying to Jesuit, my best suggestion is to show up to this open house for more information on our wonderful school!

And while you’re at it, check back to The Roundup for more insight into Jesuit admissions and other news!