It is a bright, sunny day here in Dallas, Texas. The month of October has finally arrived, leaves are beginning to turn brown. Massive buses arrive to take the seniors away from our beloved school. Seniors, ASC members, and teachers depart for one of many fun experiences in their last year of high school. Their lack of presence and energy will be heavily noticed over this past week.

Will Kelton ‘20 is very zealous to have the next three days off. He commented, “It’s basically playtime for like two days. I don’t even know where we are going, but I am just excited.”

This time to themselves will be very important to the class of 2020, as Asher Smith noted, “I think that this [event] will be good for us seniors to bond and continue to come together. I plan to enjoy it and it’s always nice to get a couple days off”.

Although the seniors “don’t know what it will be,” according to previous teachers, Daniel Moore ’20 recounted, “It will be a lot of fun to do a bunch of fun stuff and play games. It shouldn’t be as restrictive as other retreats.”

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