Photography by Grant Delanoy ’19, Holland McQuaid ’19, Cristobal deo Oyarzabal ’19

It’s October 27th and the starting bell rings, but something seems off? Boys in t-shirts and shorts? No classes? Pep-rally where the seniors dominate in every activity? It can only be Ranger Day 2017.

Ranger Day is the one day of the year that everyone gets together to participate in fun activities on campus as well as a school-wide dress down day. Opinions from this day vary and come from everyone who participates, including our great teachers. It’s not just fun for the students; it’s fun for everyone.

On a normal day at Jesuit guys “tend to relate to who they’re in specific classes with, [but] Ranger Day makes it a lot more about the class” as a whole. This is how Mr. Berry ‘07 describes the difference between Ranger Day and a normal school day. Furthermore, “the day encourages class identity in a way that the school day doesn’t necessarily,” along with bonding of students, the strengthening old friendships, and creating new ones. Mr. Berry’s  favorite parts of the day were the “memories of roaming around with my friends.” Speaking of memories, the value of Ranger Day, in the eyes of Mr. Berry is all of “the memories you form on Ranger Day, even if they’re not doing anything special.”

Now as for someone who works on the planning side of Ranger Day the view changes slig

htly. “I associate Ranger Day with a lot of prep and stress,” says Mr. Patterson ‘08, adding “[but] it’s still a lot of fun.”  Helping run Ranger day is a lot of work, and deserves thanks. He also remarks that “It’s one of the only times in the entire school year where we come together as an entire school, in an atmosphere that is energetic and fun. The only other time we [have] the entire school together is mass where all the boys are having to sit there.” Out of this fun and energetic day, Mr. Patterson’s favorite parts are the pep rally, because ”when else in the school year do we do the [school] yell as an entire school, it’s the only time it happens….and I really like hot dogs, I enjoy that part too.”

As for the students, Luis Lopez ‘19 enjoys “the cheerfulness, the unity, and brotherhood of the school” as well as “the bands, [and] especially the chariot races.”

Jacob Totah’s ’18 favorite part is the chariot races and the pep rally because he is a senior and knew it would be the best Ranger Day he would ever have.

Ranger Day has come and gone, but the students, faculty, and staff wait patiently for the next one the following year, it’s a day that will for most, always be remembered.