Photos taken by Jaibin Mathew

October 29th marked the 73rd anniversary of the Jesuit-Ursuline Underclassmen Homecoming Dance, a celebration that has decorated Jesuit’s history, though a jitterbug contest would seem out of place at Saturday’s sock hop. Students endulged in a stunning Paris-like ambiance this year, as the Jesuit and Ursuline student councils treated the student body to a captivating French theme, graciously accompanied with butter croissants. When the music started, the participants experienced the lighthearted joie de vivre in the crowded gymnasium. The chosen theme emulates an ideal future for this school year; a time of living in the now and enjoying oneself.

Ursuline and Jesuit student council groups worked in conjunction to organize this elaborate, prestigious event. Student council members consulted, convened, and collaborated for hours to create the theme, set up decór, organize games, and determine the refreshments and snacks. A unifying measure, as is tradition, Jesuit observes another shared homecoming dance with our sister school. Ursuline courteously hosted the event in their gymnasium. Ticket prices ranged from $15 online, and $20 at the door.

Will Woodard ’19, representative of the Jesuit Student Council, spoke positively on the function, commenting that the dance had “a great turnout, and a good amount of each class showed up and participated.” He, and the rest of Jesuit student council, thought “the event was a great success,” and the appraisal of the event by enthusiastic students reflect this optimistic conclusion. In particular, Jaibin Mathew ’19 praised student council’s decision on the theme. He felt as though he “was transported right there, to France,” for a brief moment, surrounded by the white, glowing lights of the city of love.

Tables outfitted with games of Poker and Blackjack accompanied the exuberant atmosphere, patronized by Freshman and Sophomore alike, and monitored by chaperones. The dealers, all volunteers, hosted games of a competitive, friendly nature. Garrett Tarango ’19 details the activities of the game tables as “fun and engaging. Activities were easy to access and well organized.” Game tables were often packed, as many students vied for entry.

Although he noticed a slight discomfort from the heat due to the intense energy in the room, Adam Glaesmann ’19 described the dance’s environment as a place of “fun and excitement.” He had a high opinion on the DJ’s performance as well, stating that the music fit “perfectly for the dance’s mood and tone.” The DJ attending usually performs at a popular local radio station, 106.1 KISS FM Dallas. The music generally kept a fast pace, maintaining the dance’s lively demeanor.

The Jesuit and Ursuline Freshman and Sophomore classes not only have the student councils to thank, but also the significant contributions of both schools’ faculty members whom stepped up to pitch in to accomplish this ambitious project. Yet another homecoming passes, and all those who contributed and participated are satisfied with the efforts of both Jesuit and Ursuline faculty and students. The general student body is especially excited for what the student council holds in store for next year’s homecoming dance.


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