After months of empty classrooms and silent hallways, Jesuit became crammed with smiling faces as the first bells signaled the beginning of the new school year. The new school year ushered in a wide assortment of emotions, ranging from senior excitement to freshman fright.

To begin Jesuit’s first half day, the students and faculty spilled into the Terry Center for a welcoming party – our first prayer service of the Fall. None other than the president of Jesuit College Prep, Mike Earsing, led the service with incredible poise, starting the year with a powerful speech.

Comparing the premise of Stephen King’s Under the Dome with Ignatian spirituality, Mr. Earsing explained that our actions this year will contribute directly to the Ignatian atmosphere Jesuit communities have built for decades. Mr. Earsing not only captured the focus of each sluggish student, but he also inspired a newfound energy in many students to start the year off strong. Junior Rance Holman expressed his admiration of Mr. Earsing’s opening address:

“Every time Mr. Earsing steps up to the Terry Center podium, we [the student body] know it’s going to be a compelling speech. Mr. Earsing definitely lived up to his high standard at this year’s opening prayer service. His voice commanded the attention of the entire audience; we all have so much respect for his wisdom.”

Many of the freshmen claimed the speech calmed their nerves coming into the new high school environment. As freshman Nathan Morales ’22 added: 

“Even though it was my first day at Jesuit, I immediately felt a strong sense of community as the entire student body gathered in the Terry Center. We came into the Terry Center pretty nervous, unsure what to expect from the first talk. By the end of Mr. Earsing’s speech, I felt much more comfortable in the new environment.”

Teachers similarly gave their props to the service, Mr. Batik succinctly acclaimed the president’s words as “inspiring.” He went on to explain how the speech “brightened the day for more than just the students.” 

After the service, the students flooded the hallways for the first time. Eager to meet new teachers and reunite with old friends, the student body teemed with excitement as they navigated their schedules for the first time. As the students and teachers piled into their classrooms, not a single soul mourned the loss of summer, but instead faced the future with joyful determination, looking forward to what the new year would have in store.