On Monday, no students were on the Jesuit campus. Most students slept in, got a late start, and then opened an email from Jesuit with that day’s Ignatian Day link.

That Friday, November 15, the office of Student Life, creators of the I-Day, upon a concluding prayer service for the I-Day over self-care.

Preparing the Prayer Service

Before the week of the I-Day and the prayer service, Dr. Dion met with various students on the Campus Ministry Prayer Service team to formulate and solidify the plans for the Prayer service.

The I-Day

On that Monday, students and families participated in the I-Day about self-care. It began with a guided meditation followed by an explanation by Fr. Sydney about Cura Personalis. Cura Personalis means to care for the entire person. After Fr. Sydney’s explanation, students watched a video of faculty, staff, and students speaking about their experience with Cura Personalis. After an individual reflection, there was a closing prayer.

The Prayer Service

Then, on Friday, the prayer service served to conclude the ideas presented in the I-Day. During the prayer service, Charlie Needham ’23, Wyatt Paradise ’22, Nick Choy ’21, Gavin Martinez ’20, and Mr. David Williams offered a reflection about their experience with self-care and Cura Personalis. They shared the small ways they have changed aspects of their lives for better self-care. Mr. Williams offered a final reflection:

“When we talk about wellness I really think we are talking about awareness:  listening to our body and our mind as they ask us for things. Too often I think we write this off as selfish and we fight the instinct to take care of ourselves. But it may be the biggest gift we can give others. Our family doesn’t have to worry about us as much. Plus, by attending to our own basic needs we are better able to care for others. I like the analogy of the oxygen masks on airplanes: place the mask on yourself and then be that much better able to assist those around you.”

Then with small note cards under the chairs, the students chose a small change they plan to make and then selected a date within the next week to do it.

Senior Jason Glover ’20 commented on the prayer service, “I enjoyed the interactive element of the prayer service. I carried the note card in my blazer throughout the day and was reminded of the change I planned to make when I took my blazer off when I got home. Physically writing the note helped internalize the change I was committed to make.”

Dr. Dion commented, “The administration is pleased with the level of participation in the Fall Ignatian Day by our students and their families. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive. Several students on the Campus Ministry prayer service committee provided helpful feedback during a crucial time in the development of the Ignatian Day, so I am grateful for their help. I would like to thank everyone for their participation in the online activities and in the prayer service last week. Thank you also to the students, faculty, and staff who shared their stories and offered their reflections on what it means to care for oneself.”

A big thank you to everyone who participated in the I-Day and the prayer service.

Stay tuned to The Roundup for more prayer service coverage!