The date was March 11, 2020, just another regular Jesuit Wednesday. As students sit quietly in their 8th-period class, Dr. Dion comes on the intercom, stopping all activity in the room.

“Is what I think going to happen actually going to happen? Are the rumors true?”

He announces a potential COVID-19 case with ties to Jesuit Dallas. As a result, the school will be moving to an eLearning protocol for the remainder of that week. The classrooms cheer and suddenly Jesuit students lose their burdening stress and anxiety. “I don’t have to go to school. That’s clutch!”

However, students’ jubilation was temporary. Ever since that dramatic day, the quarantine has only lengthened, leaving students more isolated, confused, and desolate than ever.

As of today, Thursday, March 25, this protocol is expected to continue through April 3. During this time, students are expected to check their email multiple times a day for any important notices from teachers and the school. Students should look to Moodle, Google Classroom, and any other platform previously used before this distance learning for assignments from teachers and should expect at least one assignment per week per class. The full eLearning protocol can be found here.

Here is a list of Jesuit-related events that have been canceled or postponed until further notice:

  • Expository Bowl
  • Environmental Symposium
  • An evening with Father Greg Boyle, S.J.
  • Claver Mass
  • Jesuit-Sheaner Relays
  • Father-Son retreat
  • JSN Counselors and Learning Specialists Conference
  • Exchange trips to France and Italy
  • Jesuit Medical Society medical mission trip to Guatemala
  • Class retreats
  • Junior Kairos
  • Jesuit Celebration Auction
  • Junior-Senior Prom
  • Jesuit’s The Roundup Expository Bowl
  • All Jesuit Dallas Museum Activities
  • All school-related extracurriculars and service initiatives
  • All scheduled athletic competition including UIL competitions

A friendly reminder to continue practicing good hygiene and social distancing to avoid unintentional spreading of the virus. Wash your hands often, avoid contact with people who are sick, avoid touching your mouth, eyes, and nose, cover your nose and mouth when you cough and sneeze, and finally, clean and disinfect frequently touched surfaces and objects in your homes.

Check back to The Roundup often for more important updates regarding the response to COVID-19 and the eLearning protocol.