Each year, the Underclassmen Convocation celebrates and highlights the outstanding achievements of students in the freshmen and sophomore classes at Jesuit. Awards of excellence, scholarships, and special awards are given to a wide variety of students that seek to display accomplishments of not only the individual student, but also the school as a whole.

This year’s Underclassmen Convocation was held in the Terry Center on Thursday, May 24, and many students were very excited to receive awards for their hard work and dedication over the course of the school year.


“I feel proud winning these as they are a reflection of the work I put into each of these classes throughout the year,” commented Luke Arrambide ‘20 who won various awards in several classes.

Freshman Jack Perdue, who won awards in Theater Arts and Introduction to Computer Programming, was also very gracious to garner his awards.

I feel very honored to receive these awards and appreciate recognition for effort in my classes.”

Additionally, Sophomore William Nickols felt honored and enjoyed being appreciated for his hard work throughout the year.

JP Moore and Will Madden, winners of the Science MAGIS Award

“I feel very proud and honored and it’s nice to know that my hard work paid off.”

Other students, including Will Madden ‘20 who won the Haggerty Math/Science Scholarship and various other awards, were shocked that they won awards.

I was pretty surprised that I got several of them, but I was glad to see that all my work from this year payed off.”

Zachary Freeman ‘21 had a similar experience:

“At first, I was really only expecting the Computer Programing award and since that was first I thought I was done for the day, but my name kept getting called.”

He was especially surprised after winning the Man For Other’s award.

“Before nine o’clock at night I was still in shock that I won. All the awards and congratulations all started to sink in after my practice that night, and I was ecstatic, the thought of “I can’t believe I won all of these” kept going through my mind. It was a very exciting day, but I realized I am still a freshman and I have three more years to better myself at Jesuit.”

Michael Steffler and Garrett Nagorzanski, winners of the Social Studies MAGIS Award

Garrett Nagorzanski ‘20 also appreciated seeing all his classmates receive awards.

“I really enjoy watching who gets what, because it can offer some insight as to which courses my friends excel in.”

Finally, Will Florer ‘20 summed up the Underclassmen Convocation by looking to the future:

“I was proud to receive these various recognitions and I hope I can continue to live up to the standards of these accolades in the future. All in all, a great year for the younger half of Jesuit.”

All in all, the 2018 Underclassmen Convocation was a great success, as it recognized and appreciated all the hard work of Jesuit’s students throughout the school year.


Below is a list of all the accolades awarded at the service:

The Awards

Computer Science:

In Introduction to Computer Programming:

Freshmen: Jonathan Ardoin
Zachary Freeman
Praveen Kalva
Francis Ko
Benton Koch
Jack Perdue

Sophomores: Matthew Cole
Jake Nolan

In Programming 2:

Freshmen: William Ward

Sophomores: Parker Christensen
Jack Devereux
Cooper Herndon
Gavin Martinez
Renin Seely

In Honors Advanced Java:

Sophomore: Will Nickols

In AP Computer Programing:

Sophomore: Will Nickols

In Web Development:

Sophomore: Silas Hartman

In Visual Basic.NET:

Sophomore: Christian Almond


In English 1:

Freshmen: Patricio Boy

Diego Elizondo
Zachary Freeman
Ethan Manalansan
Jake Taylor     

In Pre AP English 1:

Freshmen: Jack Dunnigan
Nick Lazzara

In English 2:

Sophomores: Luke Arrambide
Daniel Gutierrez-Gorham
Tommy Hovivian
Andrew Stelling
Taten Thompson

In Pre AP English 2:

Sophomores: Adam Hall
David Lee
Garrett Nagorzanski

Fine Arts:

In Drawing 1:

Freshmen: Ryan Lee
Cooper Nelson

Sophomores: Chase Peppard
Michael Turner

In Ceramics Throwing:

Freshman: Matthew Isbell

Sophomores: Ford Buckner
John Hibbs

In Ceramics Hand-Building:

Sophomore: Caleb Harvey
Mekhi Parker

In Music Appreciation:

Freshman: Pierce Jackson

Sophomore: Max Segal

In Music Theory:

Sophomore: Jamison Briscoe

In Freshmen Men’s Chorus:

Max Mazur

In Men’s Chorus:

Sophomore: Garrett Nagorzanski

In Band:

Freshmen: Jack Martin

Sophomores: Liam Leahy
Ricky Ponte

In 2D Design – Traditional Media:

Sophomore: Luke Arrambide

In 2D Design –  Digital Media:

Sophomore: Marshall Mann

In Theater Arts:

Freshmen: Lee Ochs
Jack Perdue

Sophomore: Will Florer
Santiago Nelson

In Stagecraft:

Freshman: Connor Chavez

Sophomores: Trevlan MacGregor
Will Madden

In Music Composition & Film Scoring:

Sophomore: Blake Mahowald

In Filmmaking:

Freshman: Sam Levis

Sophomore: Jack Walker


In Spanish 1:

Freshmen: Jake Taylor
Kevin Utz

In Spanish 2:

Freshmen: Praveen Kalva
Benton Koch
Colton Speer

Sophomores: Jacob Abraham
Matthew Freeman
Will Madden

In Honors Spanish 2:

Freshman: William Rudnicki

Sophomore: Jack Devereux

In Spanish 3:

Sophomore: Ethan O’Neill
Kevin Shuman
Brandon Yarckin

In Honors Spanish 3:

Sophomore: Marshall Mann

In Honors Spanish 3 HL:

Freshman: Luis Osorio

Sophomore: Daniel Gutierrez

In Spanish 4:

Sophomore: Reed Glenn

In Honors Spanish 4:

Sophomore: Michael Turner

In Honors Spanish 4 HL:

Sophomore: Diego Sierra

In French 1:

Freshmen: Patricio Boy
Diego Elizondo

In French 2:

Sophomore: Ivan Lopez

In Honors French 2

Sophomore: JJ Tellez

In Latin 1:

Freshman: Clayton Jackson

In Latin 2:

Sophomore: John Noel

In Honors Latin 2:

Freshman: Luke Jones

Sophomore: Will Nickols

In Honors Latin 3:

Sophomore: Will Florer

In Mandarin 1:

Freshman: Austin Kayanan

In Mandarin 2:

Sophomore: Benjamin Rodenbaugh

In Honors Mandarin 2:

Sophomore: Sam Dayton


In Algebra 1:

Freshmen: Parker Brown
Ethan Manalansan
Dakota Salazar
Kevin Utz

In Honors Algebra 1:

Freshmen: Gage Miles
Peter Nguyen

In Honors Algebra 2/Trig:

Freshman: Praveen Kalva

Sophomores: Jack Casey
Will Nickols
Antonio Marques

In Geometry:

Sophomores: Jacob Ennen
Ethan O’Neill
Andrew Stelling

In Honors Geometry:

Freshmen: Jack Dunnigan
Sam Jackson

Sophomores: Luke Arrambide
Ashton Casey
Sam Dayton

Highest scores in the AMC 10:

Freshman: Ryan MacMichael

Sophomore: Antonio Marques                     

Highest scores in TXML:

Freshman: Luke Carlson

Sophomore: Antonio Marques


In Biology:

Freshmen: Patricio Boy
Julian Garcia
Jordan Lawlar

In Pre AP Biology:

Freshmen: William Rudnicki
Carter Williams

In Chemistry:

Sophomores: Jack Holloran
Michael Kaufman
Will Madden

In Pre AP Chemistry:

Sophomores: Will Nickols
Michael Turner

Social Studies:

In Rhetoric and Civics:

Freshmen: Connor Chavez
Praveen Kalva
Dakota Salazar

In World History:

Sophomores: Luke Arrambide
Jacob Clarkson
Sean Myrick
Andrew Stelling

In AP World History:

Sophomores: Trey Ashmore
Will Nickols


In Scripture and Jesus:

Freshmen: Patricio Boy
Justin Burns
Juan Esquivel
Gage Miles

 In Mission and Church:

Sophomores: Luke Arrambide
Will Florer
Daniel O’Brien
Duc Pham

Extracurricular Awards:

In Junior Classical League:

Freshman: Drew Campbell

Sophomore: Will Kelton

Silver medals in the National Latin Exam:

Freshmen: Gabriel Skariah
Nathan Spencer

Sophomores: Jack Casey
Will Nickols
John Pattee

Gold medals in the National Latin Exam:

Sophomores: Emilio Estudillo-Sanchez
Rawley Schott

Bronze medals in the National Spanish Exam:

Freshmen: Benton Koch
Jack Perdue

Sophomore: Preston Means

Silver medal in the National Spanish Exam:

Sophomore: Diego Sierra

In Ambassadors:

Freshman: Peter Victorine

Sophomore: Liam McColgan

In Whiz Quiz:

Freshman: Calum Taylor

In Jesuit’s Engineering Society:

Freshman: JP Moore

In Jesuit’s Culinary Club:

Freshman: Hector Lopez

In Student Council:

Sophomore: Silas Hartman

In Jesuit Stage and Film – Theater Emphasis:

Freshman: Lee Ochs

Sophomore: Trevlan MacGregor

In Robotics:

Freshman: Cade Newbrand

Sophomore: Blake Mahowald

In the Entrepreneurship Club:

Sophomore: Matthew Freeman

In The Roundup:

Freshman: Francis Ko

Sophomore: Jack Corrales

In the Mentoring & Guiding Ignatian Students (MAGIS):

Sophomores: Luke Arrambide
Duc Pham

In the Jesuit Multicultural Society:

Freshman: Hayden Rodriguez

Sophomore: Brandon Vergel

In Campus Ministry:

Freshmen: Patricio Boy
Shane Hatzmann
Nathan Volle-Kobell

Sophomores: Jacob Ennen
Will Florer

In Community Service:

Freshmen: Luke Carlson
Jack Cooke
Max McFarland
Hayden Rodriguez

Sophomores: Will Florer
Matthew Freeman
Liam Leahy
Will Nickols


The winners of the Haggerty Math / Science Scholarship

Haggerty Math / Science Scholarships:

Freshmen: Jason Davis
Zachary Freeman
Sergio Lopez
Gage Miles
Peter Nguyen
Emilio Rodriguez
Camden Roy
Jake Taylor

Sophomores: Ryan Brown
Jack Casey
Sam Dayton
Will Florer
Silas Hartman
Cole Lenzen
Will Madden
Garrett Nagorzanski
Will Nickols
Dan O’Brien
Cameron Pham
Duc Pham
Rawley Schott
Andrew Stelling
JJ Tellez

The Brother Gerald Landry, S.J. Award:

Brother Gerald Landry, S.J. joined the Jesuits in 1960 and served as a member of Jesuit’s staff for over 18 years until his passing in December 2014. One of the many gifts he shared with our school was his love for photography.

Sam Dayton, winner of the Brother Gerald Landry, S.J. Award

This award, in his name, honors a yearbook staff member who has served actively and whose enthusiasm through photojournalism resulted in significant contributions to the organization and served as a model for future staff members.

For his significant contribution to Jesuit’s yearbook, The Last Roundup, the Brother Gerald Landry, S.J. Award is presented to:

Sam Dayton

Principal’s Magis Awards:

This award recognizes those freshmen and sophomores who love the pursuit of learning, students who have impressed their teachers with the desire to grow and to learn.  These students, while not necessarily achieving the highest grade in a subject, are students who seek the Magis, the more, in the class.

In Theology:

Freshman: Dakota Salazar

Sophomore: Will Eades

In English:

Freshman: Gage Miles

Sophomore: Cole Lenzen

In Language:

Freshman: Benjamin Rippel

Sophomore: David Ritter

In Fine Arts:

Freshman: Adam McCutcheon

Sophomore: Trevlan MacGregor

In Social Studies:

Freshman: Michael Steffler

Sophomore: Garrett Nagorzanski

In Math:

Freshman: JP Moore

Sophomore: Saul Cano

In Science:

Freshman: JP Moore

Sophomore: Will Madden

In Computer Science

Freshman: Nathan Reis

Sophomore: JJ Tellez

The Counselors’ Scholarships:

The Counselors’ Scholarships are funded by an anonymous benefactor. They are presented to students who have been active in the Jesuit community, are involved in scouting, church, or other activities, are cooperative and are open to the Jesuit experience. The Counselors’ scholarships, consisting of $500 tuition grants, are awarded to:

Freshman: Oscar Jarmon

Sophomore: Eli Steger

Oscar Jarmon and Eli Steger, winners of the Counselors’ Award

‘Man for Others’ Award:

Jesuit’s ‘Man for Others’ Award is given each year to students who exemplify, in their words and actions, what it means to be a Jesuit student.  They have demonstrated in their dealings with others the ability to give of themselves selflessly. Each of these awards carries with it a $1,000 scholarship furnished by the Jesuit Women’s Auxiliary.

The Freshman ‘Man for Others’ Award is presented to:

Zachary Freeman

The Sophomore ‘Man for Others’ Award is presented to:

Zachary Freeman and Will Florer, winners of the ‘Man for Others’ Award

Will Florer


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