The senior class celebrates four years of brotherhood, service, and friendship at their graduation this weekend. But this celebration doesn’t begin this weekend; it began two weeks ago with the senior convocation.

The Senior Convocation annually celebrates the achievement of the senior class. The Jesuit student body joined the parents of seniors for the 2019 convocation, held in the Terry Center on May 10, 2019 at 9:00 am. The convocation was organized by military appointments and academic and extracurricular awards. If you missed the Senior convocation, you can view the event’s live stream here.

Military Appointments

Mr. Tom Eschenbrenner, the United States Naval Academy Blue and Gold Officer, and Master Sergeant Jeremy Hubacek, Senior ROTC Military Instructor at the University of Texas at Arlington joined Mr. Earsing and Dr. Kirby at the front of the stage to recognize the seniors receiving nominations and acceptance into service academies or ROTC scholarships.


US Naval Academy

Each year, The United States Naval Academy seeks well-rounded candidates who have done well academically and athletically and have demonstrated strong character and leadership potential.

Approximately 16,000 students compete annually for one of 1,200 slots at the U.S. Naval Academy.  Appointment to the Naval Academy is equivalent to a full 4-year scholarship valued at $400,000 with tuition, books, medical benefits, and monthly salary included.  With 25 majors to offer, graduates of the Academy receive a Bachelor of Science degree, commissioning as Ensign in the Navy or 2nd Lieutenant in the Marine Corps, and will join others in serving our country in many ways, including surface warfare, submarines, Marine Corps Ground and Air, Navy pilots, flight officers, or Navy SEALS.  Robby Freimuth and David Reichert have been accepted to the Academy.


In addition to these military appointments, Ethan Maymir received a full-tuition National Army ROTC scholarship to The University of Cincinnati.

Garrison concluded, “We all owe these young men our congratulations and sincerest gratitude for committing themselves to the service and security of our nation. Please join me in congratulating them on these prestigious awards and their decision to serve.”

Academic Department Awards

Mr. McDaniel, the junior counselor, took the stage to announce the recipients of academic department awards, each of whom received a certificate of excellence.

Computer Science

Programming II                                    Ethan Gan-Dy

Honors Advanced Java                          Hector Juarez

AP Computer Science A                         Matthew Mancillas


English 4: Modern American Literature   Nicholas Farrell

                                                            Richie Malouf

English 4 — Southwest Literature          Jonathan Reagan

English 4 — Non-Fiction                       Grant Delanoy

                                                           Christopher Flabiano

                                                           Bryce Rozas

AP Language & Composition                 Emmet Halm

Honors English Seminar                       Luis Lopez

Fine Arts

Advanced Ceramics                             Sean Bowen

                                                          Gabriel Mena

Music Comp & Film Scoring                  Connor Lehman

Stagecraft                                          Hector Juarez

                                                          Cooper Shawl

Filmmaking                                         Richie Malouf

                                                          Will Roberts

Theater Directing                               Richie Malouf

Theater Arts                                      William Piot

Stage & Film Writing                          Cole Nelson

Photography                                      Chris Pontikes

                                                          Ethan Rozier

2D Design:  Digital Media                    Eric Pask

AP Studio Art: Drawing                       Tyler Ochs

AP Studio Art: 2-D Design                  William Courtney

Music Appreciation                             Lincoln Scott

                                                         Angel Tello

Introduction to Jazz History & Improv            Drake Parrish

Jazz History & Improv                        Cam Crowley

                                                         Gabriel Guerrero

Chamber Orchestra                            Ryan Chiang

                                                         Gabriel Guerrero

Men’s Chorus                                     Jonathan Reagan

Band                                                 Noble Allen

                                                          Sang Fessenden


Honors Latin 4                                   Max Ford

Honors Mandarin 4                             Jack Bandiera

AP French Language & Culture             Bernie Gonzalez

AP Spanish Language & Culture           Reed Zimmermann


Statistics                                           Christopher Gasper

                                                          Rajeev Shiwach                               

AP Statistics                                       Maxwell Schutze

Pre-Calculus                                      James Koshakji

                                                         Nic Schnitzius

Honors Pre-Calculus                           Marco Marrero

AP Calculus AB                                  Ryan Eubanks

AP Calculus BC                                   Sean Holden 

Jesuit joins hundreds of other schools across Texas and the entire country each year in participating in two math competitions.  They are known as the TXML (the Texas Mathematical League) and the AMC 12 (the Mathematical Association of America).  Jesuit recognizes the highest scoring students from each of these competitions. The highest scoring senior for the TXML and AMC 12 is Mathios Mekbeb-Gillett.


Anatomy & Physiology                         Taran Jain

                                                          Rajeev Shiwach

AP Biology                                         Brennan Louviere

AP Chemistry                                    Reed Zimmermann

Engineering ACE                               Christopher Flabiano

Engineering PMM                              Bryce Clark

                                                        Ryan Eubanks

AP Physics C Mechanics                    Jorge Lopez

AP Physics 2: Algebra-Based             Will Foerster

AP Physics C – Electromagnetism       Kaz Hirota

Forensic Science                             Christopher Flabiano

                                                      Chris Pontikes

AP Environmental Science               Luis Lopez

Social Studies

Government                                   Braden Barale

                                                      Cam Crowley

                                                      Ryan Eubanks

                                                      Travis Gustafson                               

AP Government                              Harrison Kimatian

AP Human Geography                     Richie Malouf

AP Comparative Government           Noah Santoni

Economics                                     Cam Crowley

                                                     Cooper Shawl

AP Macro Economics                      Ian SymSmith

Post 9/11 – The New Middle East    Gregory Yared

Mass Media & Cultural Studies       Matthew Cox

                                                   Jack Morsbach


History of the Catholic Church        Collin Kenny

Christian Relationships                  Cristobal de Oyarzabal

                                                    Sean Holden

                                                    Jack Strubel

Interreligious Dialogue                  Gio Ferrer-Falto

                                                    Kaz Hirota

Justice:  Environmental                 Noah Santoni

Justice:  Peace & Conflict               Ryan Eubanks

                                                    Nick Farrell

                                                    Henry Vance

Justice:  Economics                      Travis Gustafson

                                                    Ethan Jackson

Extracurricular Activities

Participation in extracurricular activities is encouraged and valued at Jesuit because it serves to foster a student’s talents in ways that go beyond the classroom.  The school now recognizes those seniors whose involvement in extracurricular activities has been exemplary.

Ambassador                       Gabe Farrell

Manna for Others                Nelson Brown

                                          Connor Curreri

                                          Angel Tello

Junior Classical League        Carl Quist

Jesuit Stage and Film – Theater Emphasis          Nicholas Kissee

Bronze Medal in the National Spanish Exam       Nicholas Slayton

Jesuit Medical Society                                      Eduardo De Leon

Engineering Society        Andrew Brannon

                                      Ethan Gan-Dy

                                      Ryan Knox

MEAT Club                      Tyler Ochs

Jesuit Competitive Shooting Club                      Cole Harrington

Jesuit ESPN Club                                             Marco Marrero

Jesuit Multicultural Society                               Nelson Brown

Jesuit’s Political Society                                   Joel Astbury

Jesuit’s Chinese Club                                       Ethan Gan-Dy

Jesuit’s Anime Club                                         Ethan Gan-Dy

The Lone Rangers is a spirit organization whose members support their Jesuit brothers at various events throughout the year.  It is tradition at Jesuit to have the names of senior Lone Rangers embroidered onto the letter flag which they carried throughout their senior year. Certificates were presented to:

Cristobal de Oyarzabal

                                                                    Ethan Gan-Dy

                                                                    Noah Holben

                                                                    Ethan Maymir

                                                                   Caden Rupnow

Community Service and Social Justice           Bernie Gonzalez

                                                                   Ethan Jackson

                                                                   Taran Jain

                                                                   Matthew Johnson

                                                                   Hector Juarez

                                                                   Jack Strubel     

Hearts on Fire Award

The office of Campus Ministry fosters religious growth in light of Catholic tradition and the vision of St. Ignatius of Loyola by supporting all members of the Jesuit Dallas community in their call to proclaim the faith, promote justice, and grow in their personal relationship with Jesus Christ. When St. Ignatius sent his men of the society forth to carry on the mission of Christ, he told them to “set the world on fire!”  Campus Ministry would like to recognize the following seniors for their dedication to ministry during their time at Jesuit, hoping they too set the world on fire.  The Hearts on Fire award is presented to Grant Delanoy and David Reichert.

St. Peter Canisius Award

The St. Peter Canisius Award honors a graduating senior who, with two or more years of service, contributed to the student newspaper.  A renowned Jesuit scholar and doctor of the church, St. Peter Canisius published detailed information on Catholic teaching in 1555.  It enjoyed widespread use in its day and stood as the church’s standard catechism for centuries. For dedication to the student newspaper, The Roundup, the St. Peter Canisius Award is presented to Emmet Halm and Reed Zimmerman.

The Last Roundup

Jesuit honors the Editors-in-Chief of The Last Roundup.  This student has dedicated years of service and immeasurable contributions in planning, designing, and creating the yearbook.  He also encouraged excellence from fellow staff members.

For dedication to The Last Roundup, the Editors-in-Chief Award is presented to Matthew R. Cox and William Roberts

Student Council Award

The Student Council Award is presented to Buck Popolo

E.L. Hohman Award

Named for Jesuit’s first band director, the E.L. Hohman Award is presented to a senior who has excelled in music and has used his gifts with Ignatian spirit.  This year, the E.L. Hohman award is presented to Reed Zimmermann. 

Senior Magis Awards

The Senior Magis awards are given to seniors who, in daily ways, give the magis, “the more,” to their community.  These students, in studies, in relationships, and in support of Jesuit, have gone beyond the ordinary.

This year’s Senior Magis Awards are presented to:

                                      Nelson Brown

                                      “Mac” McCormick

                                      Will Norris

                                      Jonathan Reagan

                                      Eric Ventura

                                      Victor Zemanek

Thomas Wunderlick Award

The Thomas Wunderlick Award is given in honor of Tom Wunderlick, a 1946 graduate of Jesuit Dallas.  Mr. Wunderlick was the first president of the Jesuit Alumni Association.  He had four sons graduate from Jesuit, as well as 10 grandsons who have attended our school.  The Wunderlick award is presented each year to the graduate who has best combined athletic and academic achievement during his years at Jesuit. The Wunderlick Award winner will receive a Certificate today and a trophy at the graduation commencement. This year, The Thomas Wunderlick award is presented to Max Abmas.

Ad Astra Award

The Ad Astra Award recognizes leadership in creating new initiatives in community service and the development of new programs to serve the Greater Dallas community.  Ad Astra is a Latin phrase meaning “to the stars.”  The following students have gone above and beyond in their efforts to serve the Community Service and Social Justice program.   The Ad Astra Award is merited by Reagan Ernst and Greg Yared.

Aloysius Gonzaga Award

The Aloysius Gonzaga Award for outstanding community service is presented to a student who gives unselfishly of himself to his community.  While still a young Jesuit, St. Aloysius Gonzaga bravely gave his life ministering to the sick in Rome.  As the patron saint of our school, we look to Aloysius as a model of generous service to others.  The Aloysius Gonzaga award winner will receive a Certificate today and a plaque at the graduation commencement. The Aloysius Gonzaga Award for outstanding community service is merited by Joey Rischard.

 ‘Man for Others’ Award

The Profile of the Jesuit Graduate states, “at graduation, the Jesuit student, well on the way to establishing his own identity, has also begun to move beyond self-interest and self-centeredness in human relationships.”  The Jesuit ‘Man for Others’ Award, voted upon by the faculty, is given each year to students who exemplify, in their words and actions, what it means to be a Jesuit student who has moved beyond himself.  This year we honor three seniors who have demonstrated in their dealings with others, the ability to give of themselves selflessly.  The Man for Others Award winners will receive a Certificate today and a plaque at the graduation commencement.  The seniors meriting recognition as recipients of the ‘Man for Others’ Awards are:

                                      Bernie Gonzalez

                                      Tyler Ochs

                                      Chase Sims

JSN Award

Each year, the Jesuit Schools Network announces the recipient of an award to be presented in each of the 52 Jesuit high schools throughout the United States.  In the words of the JSN, “this award is to be presented to the member of the graduating class who, as a man for others, models the ideal profile of a graduate of Jesuit education:  a well-rounded person who is intellectually competent, open to growth, religious, loving and committed to doing justice in generous service to the people of God.”  The JSN Award winner will receive a Certificate today and a plaque at the graduation commencement.  He will also be the senior student speaker at this year’s graduation breakfast on May 19th.  This year the 2019 Jesuit Schools Network Award is presented to Gabe Farrell.

The Bishop Lynch Award

Jesuit’s highest award for outstanding achievement is named after His Excellency, the late Joseph Patrick Lynch, Bishop of Dallas, who invited the Jesuits to open a high school in Dallas in 1942.  It is awarded to the graduating senior, judged by the faculty to be most representative of Jesuit College Preparatory School, and most responsive to the influence of the school.  This award is in recognition of scholastic achievement, combined with character, leadership, participation in extracurricular activities, and service on behalf of the school and the wider community. The Bishop Lynch Award winner will receive a Certificate today and a trophy at the graduation commencement where he will give the keynote address. This year, Jesuit’s Bishop Lynch Award for outstanding achievement is awarded to David Reichert. 

Stay tuned to The Roundup for recaps on the Junior and Underclassmen convocations!