Jesuit Debate team eats lunch before heading to Hockaday Invitational

Picking up where they right left off from their dominating victories in October, Jesuit Debate continued its competitive streak in November, attending the Notre Dame High School Invitational in California and the Hockaday Invitational in Texas.  In the two weekends, Jesuit novice and varsity debaters competed in over 90 debates against top schools from California, Utah, Colorado, Nevada, Tennessee, Texas, and more.

Jesuit landed three top 20 rankings in the Notre Dame tournament in California, with Juniors Ethan Jackson ’19 and Giovannie Ferrer-Falto ’19, Riler Holcombe ’19 and Jack Moore ’19, and Chris Tran ’19 and Jack Griffiths ’19 all winning four of their six preliminary rounds, but losing in the double-octofinals.  The team of Jackson and Ferrer-Falto lost on a 2-1 decision to the 3rd seed at the tournament, barely being out-debated.  Moore was 35th speaker out of over 190 competitors, and Tran and Griffiths also finished in the top 50.  Moore noted the unusual hospitality that “eased the stress” for the debaters as they battled through the tough competition, allowing them to be successful.

Back in Texas, the Hockaday Invitational also shared great success, with all 13 of Jesuit’s freshman and varsity teams competing.  In the novice division, Jack Martin ’21 and Joshua Ramos ’21 reached the semifinals, and Freshmen Kyle Cribbins ’21 and Drew Campbell ’21 were in the quarterfinals.  Meanwhile, in the varsity division, Holcombe and Moore continued their competitive success, claiming 2nd place, with their only loss at the tournament in the finals to the highest seeded team from Greenhill.  Moore claimed 8th speaker at Hockaday, with Junior Logan Kim ’19 coming in at 9th.  Jackson and Ferrer-Falto also cleared to the elimination rounds, but were knocked out by a Greenhill team in the octofinals.

Moore noted that this tournament highlights Jesuits ability to be “competitive,” and that “Jesuit is once again among the best” in the country.

Jackson shared a similar sentiment, believing that Jesuit is “competitive,” but agrees that more needs to be done before Jesuit becomes “dominant.”

Sophomore Adam Hall ’20 elaborated. “Jesuit is on the rise” and will soon “be a household name at national tournaments.”

Miller believes that the biggest competition will be “Greenhill vs Jesuit vs St Marks,” but, based on the tournament, has concluded that Jesuit is “well equipped to compete.”  He continued, “As a team we did great, with the majority of our teams achieving a positive record.”

As the season nears its halfway point, the debate squad has already qualified one team, Holcombe and Moore, for the state tournament in March.

Hall eagerly hopes to “persevere through some tough competitive moments” and attempt to qualify for state.

Miller looks forward to the upcoming local tournaments, believing that Jesuit has “hit their stride,” and hopes to carry that competitive success into December.

Jackson is glad to be “picking up momentum for this season,” gradually working towards qualifying for state.

With plenty of potential and talent, Jesuit looks ready to stomp the competition. Check back soon for more Jesuit Debate and other news!


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